1. sgroh87's Avatar
    Alright, this may be a silly question, but I thought it's worth asking. Verizon offers a $30/month prepaid data plan for the 9930, but you have to buy the device outright. Would it be possible to buy the 9930, get it unlocked, and put my AT&T SIM in the phone? That way I could use the Verizon 3G connection and the AT&T EDGE and voice services. I'm sure that something would keep this from working, but I figure that if I didn't ask, I wouldn't know.

    EDIT: Hmm, would I then be responsible for 2 data packages every month; one from AT&T, and the other from Verizon?
    09-12-11 09:28 PM
  2. xBlackBerry's Avatar
    You cant use AT&T Voice and Verizon data. You either have to use all verizon or all AT&T. I also dont think Verizon lets you buy a dataplan for a phone without a voice plan but not sure
    09-12-11 09:34 PM