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    Hey guys...
    Well today i decided to load a hybrid onto my 9900..everything went perfect, not a problem but when the device trys to turn on, the meter loads about 75% and then the phone just resets.

    Any idea guys how i can completely wipe this phone?
    Iv tryed everything form bbsak to JL Commander to CMD, Apploaoder.exe /nojvm
    No Luck
    09-26-11 04:54 PM
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    Now that thats out of the way... a hybrid, hmm. ive got .362 on my verizon 9930 and its supposed to be .254 or whatever. works fine to me..

    ive read elsewhere though that if youre having major issues with it, then you should do a clean uninstall of the OS (dont really know how to do that though) and reinstall.
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    09-26-11 06:08 PM
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    OH! take the battery out along with the SIM and micro SD. let it sit for about 5 minutes... mine did that too when i first installed my new OS.
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    09-26-11 06:10 PM
  4. kifac's Avatar
    aahah thanks for the help guys!
    Anyways, i figured it out!!
    I restarted my computer cause it wouldnt recognize my blackberry.
    after the restart, i plugged the usb into a different port...took out the battery in my phone put it back in and when the red light went on, i connect the 9900 to the USB.
    it right away picked it up.
    App Loader with out JVM always came back with an Error.
    BBSak would freze when trying to connect..it will only show connected after the phone had restarted again.
    JL Commander wouldnt connect to the 9900 at all.
    The only thing that worked was launching apploader regularly.
    it connected to the 9900 and immediatly it went form the 9900 tryin to start to the White error screen saying to reload software.
    Im guessing the first time i did it..it didnt install the OS properly or even all of it.
    The second time around did the job.
    Running the New Hybrid for the 9900 with the 9930 .362 files.
    09-26-11 07:45 PM
  5. kifac's Avatar
    Cant really say right now..its only been a couple of hours but judging how when i usually am at half and listening to music, it quickly drained the battery.
    It seemd to hold this time.
    Ill get back to you tommorow.
    I cant get through a days of work without having to charge my phone around 5-6pm.
    09-26-11 08:05 PM