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    Hey there

    I had problems with my BB when I removed the sim adapter in a stupid way and ruined two of the four PINs that read the sim card, therefore I had the sim housing completely changed with a genuine one. Everything seemed to be going well but the internet (blackberry internet service) keeps dropping from a capital 3G or EDGE with the Service logo/symbol next to it to a small 3g or edge which means the connection isn't working. I'd have to turn the network off and then switch it back on immediately and it would work fine for a while until that happens again. It's pretty frustrating and I am not sure why it happens. When the 3g is in small letters, I can still receive phone calls and SMS messages, however I need it to be capital since I am probably only using it for BBM as I have another device for everything else.

    Does anybody have any idea why that may be happening? Could it be the new sim housing doing that? I remember that my device originally hard connection problems like saying "SIM Card Error" from time to time and I'd just remove it and insert it and it'd work again.

    I am currently on OS from China Unicom,but I am from Egypt and my network is Etisalat, could that be a reason why? Should I revert to the latest OS by Etisalat in case the Radio version on this is different and messing things up?

    Thanks a lot guys.
    01-04-13 07:55 AM
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    There is a similar thread from just a few days ago here:


    I've been having the same problem with my 9900 so I think it should be a "Blackberry Server" problem or outage.

    Cheers from Barcelona!
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    01-04-13 08:13 AM
  3. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Thanks man, I sure hope this is going to be fixed soon as it is really annoying and frustrating considering how much I pay for the service.
    01-04-13 08:47 AM

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