1. sivan's Avatar
    The JM1 battery is not up to a day's worth of use. Yet, I'm getting by very well with the JM1 charger kit which comes with an extra one.

    The JM1 is very thin and has a rounded lip that fits nicely in my wallet. I can barely tell I'm carrying one, and I use a very compact wallet. This week I was at a conference with only my Blackberry and the two JM1's worked when I needed.

    Even though I hate the idea of smaller batteries, I'm coming around to think it works better this way. 2500mAh combined and nearly no hassle or oddly shaped back covers.

    One should still factor in the price of this kit as part of the total cost of buying the phone, but if you are concerned or frustrated, I can say that the kit solves the problem.

    10-08-11 04:53 PM