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    Hey all,

    I thought I'd seek advise on coming back to the BB world. Quick background, I'm a past BB Bold 9000 owner through work, and I loved that Bold! When I left the company, I moved to an iPhone 4, basically because I'm a broadcast editor who spends his life cutting film and video on Macs. I just figured it was a natural progression to go with something that syncs so well with a Mac. After a few weeks I couldn't deal with the touch keyboard anymore, I missed the wonderful feel and speed of the Bold keyboard. I returned to Blackberry with the purchase of the Torch 9800, since it had a keyboard and the convenience of a touch screen. Like many BB loyalists, I was disappointed with the difference in browsers, apps etc., plus the fact that the keyboard wasn't the "Bold 9000" I craved, not to mention I wasn't crazy about the sliding operation of the Torch. Still, I forged ahead for over a year with my BB, until 3 weeks ago when I figured it was time to give the iPhone another go with the iPhone 4S. For 3 weeks I've been enjoying the phone, but of course I miss the push email, BBM, keyboard etc. Sunday I was in the AT&T store for a case and it ends up it's the launch day for the Bold 9900! Naturally I picked it up and started playing with it, re-discovering the glorious feel of my previous 9000, AND, it has a touch screen. I thought, wow, exactly what I'd want in a new Blackberry! I realized had I payed attention and knew that this beauty was launching, I would have chosen it over iPhone 4S. Now I have a week to return the iPhone and grab the 9900, but for some reason I can't pull the trigger? I read that the battery life isn't great on the 9900, but other than that, it looks like a great Blackberry. So, a few questions: Is this the great Blackberry I believe it to be? Are there any Mac users having good syncing experiences with it? Is a battery fix coming, or already here? And if anyone cares to offer any arguments to help me pull that trigger, I'd welcome advise. Thanks!
    11-11-11 11:00 AM
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    the battery life isnt that great but i have been streaming music from bbmmusic and texting bbming since 7am it is now 1215p and i have 40% battery life.. not to mention i am bridged to my playbook bluetooth... the battery life is the only down side... speed is good, keyboard (obviously good) touch display great... not to mention 4g from att havent had a problem with it... all i can say is you have to pick a phone that fits you... you seem to be fit more for blackberry and id say pull the trigger... with att you have 30 days to return so u have nothing to lose
    11-11-11 11:19 AM
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    I loved the design of the 9000 but had decided to go with the 9800 since it was newer, more memory, and full touch screen. I was on it for a little over a year and just got the 9900 on Wednesday. I love it!

    I know I have limited knowledge, but I can share what I know and what I've heard about the 9900. For me, the battery hasn't been bad at all. I use the phone quite a fair bit - mainly for browsing and text with a few emails and calls. It's not the greatest compared to the marathon battery life that BBs are known for, but it's still decent for a phone with this os and a touch screen. Plus, I am just settling my battery in so it may get better after a little while. Others have said an upgrade to a higher os helped their battery life greatly (an unofficial os for ATT since they have not released one yet).

    As for syncing with a Mac, I have a macbook but I limit what I sync. I don't do contacts but do sync the calendar.

    I love this phone. I may be in the "infatuation" period since this is a brand new phone, but ....I don't care. It's fast, smooth, everything a BB is good at along with the heavenly keyboard and touchscreen. A drawback is that the apps are very limited due to it being os7, but I have the main ones I use still.

    Again, this is only my impression as a new user of this phone, but it's here for whatever it's worth.
    11-11-11 11:38 AM
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    Thanks for the replies guys! I'm actually surprised I didn't get more? I think it might be the title of my post since someone else having a similar dilemma (going from iphone to 9900) got dozens of replies. Anyway, I'm not too concerned with battery since I usually throw my phone on charge during day. It's as you say, I have to go with what's important to me, which is quick and comfortable communication (hence my attraction to the 9900 keyboard which is handy because I'm constantly getting and answering e-mails and texts from other editors, producers etc., good phone reception (for some reason iPhone drops calls a lot more then my 9000 or 9800 ever did), and descent apps. Funny, I tracked down BB ringtones for my iPhone 4S because I've become so familiar with them, lol, so I think all along my subconscious has been wooing me back to BB. I'm deciding over weekend so I'll report back. Thanks again!
    11-11-11 06:53 PM
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    You cannot beat the keyboard. The battery life for me have been more than adequate. You can criticize it for not having the eye candy and apps of the iphone but for what a Blackberry is supposed to be, it is the best Blackberry yet.

    Should you switch? Well that's up to you.
    11-11-11 07:04 PM
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    It may be a bit of a hassle, but if I were in your shoes I would return the 4S and get the 9900. Once you return the 4S your upgrade will reset and you'll have 30 days to decide if the 9900 is right for you.

    If it is....great. If not then you can always return it (within 30 days) and pick up another 4S. If it doesn't work out with the 9900, the worst case scenario will be that you're out a little time and the $35 restocking fee AT&T would charge for the 9900.
    11-11-11 09:46 PM
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    i switched from iPhone to 9900.

    battery life on iPhones weren't great. and the 9900 was worse at first but going to 474 helped a lot.

    i'm on a mac and have not had any big issues.
    11-11-11 10:15 PM
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    if you like bold 9000, you should go for bold 9900. (that was me) and I am very happy with my 9900, it is fast process for sure, comfortable keyboard, and touch touch touch. only thing I am not liking is their camera feature, you think it will get better, in my opinion, it got worst.
    11-11-11 10:31 PM
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    Don't buy the BB 9900. There are a lot of units with defect.
    Mine died after 2 weeks of use. I returned it to the store and so far no news yet.
    I am back with my old Bold 9000.
    If you buy one, make sure there's a warranty.
    11-12-11 12:34 AM
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    I have gone back and forth between iPhone and Blackberry. Ive had the first iPhone to the iPhone4. Blackberry 7290, Curve, Storm2, 9000 and various others to now the 9900.
    There is something about a BB that keeps me coming back, they do what they do very well.

    I was anxious to get the new 9900 and have been using it for the last week. Having liked the 9000 the 9900 is a great upgrade. The keyboard is great and it has a great solid feel to the device. The keys on the 9000 do have a more distinctive tactile feel than the 9900 to me.
    As far as the battery the first day it drained fairly quick, however it has greatly improved in the first week of use. I do turn off wifi off when I don't need it as well as turn the screen brightness down to 30. I have it bridged to my Playbook most of the day as well.

    I went back to then BB because of what it does well. Which in the end I found myself with all these apps that I really didn't use that much. I use Outlook and email mostly and the 9900 manages Outlook excellent.
    I do miss the larger screen, however you have to give up something and focus on what you need it to do the most in the end.
    11-12-11 01:13 AM
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    What didn't you like about the 4S OP? I'm the OP of the other 4S thread

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    11-12-11 01:20 AM
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    Hey Rockyroad,

    Just read that you got the 9900. I decided this morning I'm going that route too. It's not that I don't like the OS on iPhone, just like all the conveniences and workflow of the Blackberry. Funny how, as a Mac guy before Macs were cool lol, I always hoped for an Apple phone, yet here I am returning it, go figure...
    11-12-11 02:00 PM