11-08-11 11:57 PM
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    Hey everyone!
    I hate blackberry!
    Anyways, my phone bricked.
    I have a completely unbranded, unlocked phone that i bought in some blackberry resale store for 800 or 900 bux (i feel like a ****** - should have gotten the iphone). I keep giving every new blackberry model "another chance", but then they end up being just like the rest of them - buggy and unstable. Battery pool is like an everyother day standard procedure. I called blackberry support about 9 times on 3 different numbers and spoke to supervisors and regular technicians. They just basically casually told me to go f*** myself. Is there a way to fix a bricked phone? What parts do i have to buy? I am ready to pay... I just need to know what part i need. Please help out.
    By the way, My phone is stuck in a loop and is rebooting non stop with the light blinking red.
    Please tell me what parts need to be bought.
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    11-08-11 08:19 PM
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    also, do you guys think that the new update .474 will fix that issue?
    11-08-11 08:23 PM
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    @mhw100, what is your PCB #?. Mine hasn't bricked due to low battery either.

    Mine is:
    Mexico 4

    same as yours.
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    11-08-11 11:12 PM
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    Another bricker blackberry bold 9900 now in Mexico from carrier Telcel

    Red Led blinking light

    I try everything and nothing fix the issue.

    I return the phone to my carrier I hope they have a fix or give me a new phone
    11-08-11 11:57 PM
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