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    Anything new that comes in I can delete, but the emails that were on the phone prior to changed the media card (went from 2gb to 32gb) won't delete. I also tried on the DM, but all it gave me was an error saying to check if I was connected to the computer (which I was). I put back the old 2gb card and now the same thing happens (which wasn't happening prior to taking it out).

    I did a restore of the backup I had done right before taking the card out, and everytime it gave me an error. So it definitely has something to do with those messages. Do I need to do a complete wipe? And if so, does everything get restored from the backup?

    I'd appreciate any ideas you may have as it's pretty frustrating right now.

    Edit: I wiped the phone and now I'm just putting everything back together. It did solve the above problem, but is taking me a while to get things back together. But at least it's fixed!!
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