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    Hey there , so one of my Classmate got his 9900 , New .. however when he was talking about it he said that he can't Scroll down and up in BBM/Windows live Messenger with the Trackpad

    But the Touch screen works well for him , is that a problem ? or is it just like that ? or actually there is a fix via update or something ?

    11-12-11 05:02 AM
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    ummm. mine scrolls just fine. was kinda weird at first - wiped the device and it fixed it or something.
    11-12-11 05:15 AM
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    so it does work ?! =/
    11-12-11 11:26 AM
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    I had an issue where I cannot scroll on a long SMS message. I rebooted the phone and since then, no problem. You may want to either do a battery pull or a soft reboot (which I did) with pressing ALT + CAPS (Right side) + del
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    11-12-11 11:42 AM
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    yes mine works - not awesomely great though and that's why i admire the trackpad - touchscreen combo.

    the trackball is still superior (from my point of view) than the trackpad but my experiences with the trackball weren't great - it just gets ridiculously dirty and grimy and dirty and grimy and fails and so on. so i would give the trackpad a one up on this and the touchscreen just completes it as it is easier to go up down left right pages or things.

    like i said mine didn't work well at first since the trackpad wouldn't recognize about 1 out of 5 swipes. but after i wiped my device it worked better. hopefully you can do a simple reset like the above post suggested to fix it or do a wipe like i did - which i still can't figure out why but it worked.
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    11-12-11 11:50 AM
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    Thanks guys i hope it just works ;D ,, because i would hate that i need to touch the screen to scroll on BBM and MSN :S
    11-12-11 01:07 PM