1. shan.infomax's Avatar
    I've searched through the forums, but couldn't find an answer to this one, so am hoping someone on here can help.

    I recently switched from the 9700 to 9900. On the 9700 I had a couple of contact groups (email and sms) that had approximately 50 members. When I switched phones those groups did not transfer over.

    Now I'm trying to recreate the groups and can't. The first time I tried, I added all the contacts to a group, but it just wouldn't save. I tried clicking Save Group, nothing happened. I tried escaping and when the Save, Discard, Cancel option popped up, I chose Save and nothing happened. I could however discard or cancel.

    Since I didn't want to do add them all again and have the same problem, I added a couple and then saved it. It saved without issues, but when I tried to add even one more member to the group I ran into the same problem with it not saving. I've tried rebooting (soft and battery pull), but nothing helped.

    Anyone have any suggestions?????

    10-06-11 05:37 AM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    I have several large groups and haven't had that issue yet. I would try to reload the software and see if that works.

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    10-06-11 07:15 AM
  3. shan.infomax's Avatar
    @ESN can you tell me how to reload software to my BB 9900
    10-06-11 09:42 PM
  4. BuddyL's Avatar
    Don't reload the software. This is a known bug issue with the 9900. Supposedly it can only be fixed with a upgrade. What I'd like to know is when this update will be coming out.

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    10-06-11 10:38 PM
  5. PrGLJ's Avatar
    I can't do that either. Whatever number are in the group when it is "formed," those are the only contacts allowed. It will not allow me to add another contact to the group. I contacted Blackberry tech support but have not heard back from them. They are "working on it."
    10-11-11 07:01 AM
  6. shan.infomax's Avatar

    I Found the solution!!!!

    First, backup the your blackberry again in your Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    Make sure you backup (FULL)

    Second, do the security wipe. To do that open Options>Security>Security wipe.

    Wait until the unit is ready to use again.

    After that, Restore your file using Blackberry Desktop Manager BUT BUT BUT, dont restore FULL. Just restore selected file. you need to uncheck the ADDRESS BOOK OPTIONS.

    Then Restore.

    That's all!

    Hope this will work for you too!
    10-16-11 06:57 AM
  7. Benjiyorks's Avatar
    Has this worked with anyone else yet??
    10-21-11 04:19 AM
  8. zhenz's Avatar
    yes it worked!! thanks!!!

    but is there any so called 'side effects' by not restoring address book options?
    11-03-11 02:45 AM
  9. BuddyL's Avatar
    Is this the only way to get it to work?

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    11-04-11 12:44 AM
  10. BuddyL's Avatar
    Upgraded to .540 and it corrected the problem.

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    11-27-11 10:50 AM
  11. jafferalihussain's Avatar
    Upgraded to .540 and it corrected the problem.

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    hey dude

    how do you upgrade as I can't afford to wipe my entire phone clean?

    01-11-12 05:22 PM
  12. BuddyL's Avatar
    Actually, it wasn't me but a rep at T-Mobile did it for me.
    01-12-12 01:12 AM