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    Hi fellow crackberry users,

    I just bold a used blackberry bold 9900 from kijiji. It is unlocked but was originally locked to telus. I am rogers user so I put in my rogers sim card and everything works fine except email and BIS conncetion. In status, BIS is not connected and everytime I go to set up email I get enterprise account set up screen. I called up rogers and they tried to rogers. they made me go into advanced settings > Host Routing Table > and clicked register now. Then i get the message that the device has been registered successfully to the wireless network. did battery pull but I still am not able to set up the email. Does anyone know why? Please help!! I paid $400 for this. oh and I have BIS added on by Rogers. I owned a 9810 prior to this.
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    Sounds like an IT setup needs removal. Search the forums for the link and instructions.

    Edit: http://forums.crackberry.com/tips-ho...lackberry-569/
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    I am able to download apps from app world, browse internet, use facebook and all apps that require internet. just not BIS. it always shows not connected and everytime I go to set up email, the enterprise account screen comes up. are you sure its IT set up removal? The person I bought it from is a RIM employee but he bought the phone from Telus
    12-15-11 08:51 PM
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    I actually just varified that there is no IT policy on here by going to device status and typing "BUYR" and it clearly says IT Policy: Disabled
    12-15-11 08:55 PM