1. Mr.G's Avatar
    anyone else have tbis happen?
    anyone have a solution?
    i am periodically getting this message and then my bold wont play in particular my music. i check to dee if any video apps are open close anything tbat can be closed. I have to turn my fon on and off to get the music player playing music again. and then without doing anything other than listening all the sudden the music will stop and that damn message comes up. ive even done hard resets and it happens during watching a video too..
    11-12-11 12:21 AM
  2. Kobol's Avatar
    i get this as well, i've narrowed it down to a flashlight app that turns on the camera flash. After i've used it i can no longer play any kind of media.

    Often just loading the camera and switching it to video mode, then closing it works but sometimes a reboot is neded.
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    11-12-11 04:11 AM
  3. Mr.G's Avatar
    thx.. i actually do use my flashlight app alot.. and i often have flash enabled on my camera and my video by default.. i keep an eye on it and post any findings. i am thinking of trying the latest leaked os7 software.. maybe thatll help.. none of my other blackberrys had this issue..
    11-12-11 06:44 AM