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    Just device switched from a 9780 to 9900 and am o2 BIS. All was good but when I activated the 9900 with the BB I'd I then put in my password for email and all was good, it then seemed to download a few days old old email which I deleted as I had already had them. Anyway cannot delete old email and just don't know how to di this, please help little ole me!!!!!

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    10-13-11 03:36 PM
  2. MykOne's Avatar
    Have you tried resending service books?
    10-13-11 04:32 PM
  3. magician1's Avatar
    Thought about that but was worried in case it caused a prob as I have just one email address calendar that is as my email address and last time I tried it added another calendar which made it a bit messy.
    Anyway I know it must be something to do with switching a device and for some reason it just would not delete in anyway the last 7 days of emails. Mind you before this 9900 I diod have a 9810 and loaded that up too and then sent it back as it was faulty, so went back to my trusty 9780 and today when I device swopped, got the email saying that all emails service from my 9810 will no longer be working and this 9900 was my main device, now it was about a week ago that I swopped out the 9810 so somewhere along the line it must has locked the emails.
    So, I went to my BB desktop and clicked DEVICE and then DELETE DATA and chose the delete the MESSAGES which was a total of 144 emails, I deleted them and it wiped my emails out but am now starting afresh on my new 9900 and now can delete as per normal. Have all my emails on the pc if I need to refere to any but no worries but YAAA ALL SORTED
    10-13-11 04:50 PM