1. Norgoth's Avatar
    I have been traveling overseas from the United States a bit recently and today I realized that my Google Calendar appointments were all off their scheduled US time. In the fog of jet lag and not enough coffee it took me a few minutes to realize that the calendar is showing me the time of the appointments in the US but adjusted six hours for my present local time. I think this is a pretty cool feature but I actually would prefer that my calendar not adjust to local time and maintain the times as if in the US. Is there a way to get the phone to NOT adjust my calendar events but still show the local time on the home screen?

    Thanks, John
    09-28-11 01:42 AM
  2. walcolm's Avatar
    this was a fix about a year ago follwing complaints of missed appointment because the calendar was not smart enough to adjust appointments when time zone changes

    i guess if u prod in your calendar enough you could find an option to dumb your calendar
    09-28-11 02:05 AM