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    I received my 9900 yesterday and think its a great move forward from my 9700. However and this is a big however, I am having issues with my calendar.
    Everything else works from what I can see, I have a .296 (out of the box).

    If I bridge to the calendar from my Playbook it works great but when ever i launch it from the handset it freezes. From the touch screen, from the touchpad and also from the home screen drop down (where it displays current/near future appointments phone calls and messages.
    It is then unusable until i remove the battery, I have removed all 3rd party apps so it is a stock as can bee whilst retaining my personal data.

    If I back it up and then wipe it and reinstall the OS from Desktop manager and restore my data wont the problem just be restored? and will ALL my data be restored as this must be a last resort.

    Any ideas on what is causing this please?
    09-24-11 06:19 AM
  2. oopanda's Avatar
    I think it didn't port over well. How did you switch it over? Device switch? Blackberry Protect? DM?

    First time I used Device Switch on the phone from my 9700, it didn't turn out right. I had major battery issues, and my calendar was jumbled. I wiped and reloaded it with .353, then restored it using Blackberry Protect, and manually added in my apps. This worked and I was running smoothly after.

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    09-24-11 09:34 AM