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    I currently use Microsoft Outlook at my work to track my contacts and calendar. I sync with my BB using BB Desktop software. I keep my personal and business contacts together and personal and business appointments on one calendar.

    I no longer want my personal calendar appointments and contacts on my work computer. Can anyone recommend another calendar and contact system?

    My goal is to be able to add appointments and contacts through an Internet based product. For instance, when I need to create a doctor's appointment while at work I would like to be able to log on via the Internet, add thee appointment and have it automatically sync with my phone. Can I do this with Google?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.
    06-13-12 09:07 PM
  2. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    Blackberry is not so good using multiple calendars. It is possible to have different calendars in your bb (with different colors) but you need to associate each one to one email and there isnt any internet solution or desktop program that combines different calendars related to different emails. So, there is no way to do a good multiple calendar sync in your BB in a simple way. If you create muultiple calendars in you bb , you have to open different acccounts (google , yahoo or hotmail) to acess your data, and if you has multiple calendar in google (for instance) you can only sync all calendars to only one bb calendar. Pocket Informant offers a partial solution since it can keep the outlook categories in your bb with a nice view, but it cannot sync wireless.
    06-13-12 09:48 PM
  3. lguerrero's Avatar

    Since there isn't a viable option for multiple calendars, I think I am ok with leaving my business on my work Outlook and setting up a calendar for only my personal stuff. I can either manually enter my business spots to my personal calendar or perhaps send an appt invitation from my business calendar to my personal.

    So if I am going the single calendar route, which calendar would you recommend? Google? I'm looking for something easy. Do any programs offer wireless sync? And do they have a contact manager?

    Thanks agains.
    06-13-12 10:17 PM
  4. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    I think google is a good option. There are some third part soft that enable you to sync wireless your outlook (but not multiple calendars or categories) to your bb (syncamatic, thinkpost ) but you have to pay. I suppose that Hotmail calendar and yahoo calendar are options too.(you just have to enable calendar sync in the email config)
    06-13-12 11:23 PM
  5. l3ittersweet's Avatar
    gmail and google callender is your answer.
    06-14-12 06:17 AM
  6. veritas_vincit's Avatar
    Google is a good solution for this. I have all my business and personal contacts together, but use only one calendar. I separate the personal and business contacts by categories within my Blackberry. For me it is easier to manage it this way. Sometimes I only want to receive phone calls from certain category, so I set my device to do this via the BB Profiles.
    06-14-12 08:12 AM
  7. lguerrero's Avatar
    Thanks for all the replies. So I think I will go with Google. I don't ever really use my gmail account. Do I need to set it up as an email account on my BB in order to sync? Is syncing easy to do with Google?

    I like the idea of using categories.
    06-15-12 12:12 AM
  8. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    just set up your google mail in your BB and you'll receive the option to sync the calendar and contacts

    categories only works for contacts , not appointments

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    06-15-12 07:41 PM
  9. ubizmo's Avatar
    Note that Web-to-device sync of Google calendar and contacts is far from instantaneous. It can take up to four hours. Sync in the other direction is much faster.
    06-15-12 09:15 PM
  10. lguerrero's Avatar
    So I exported my calendar appointments from Outlook to Google Calendar by exporting to an Excel file.

    When I opened up my Google Calendar, there were some appointments in there, but not all of them. It said processed 1239 items and imported 1040 items/appointments (can't remember exact word). Do you know how I can find out what was not imported correctly? It's critical that I have everything in Google because my eventual goal is to completely wipe it from Outlook.

    So it will automatically sync when I set up my gmail account on my blackberry (contacts and calendar)? I don't need a third party app or a cord to sync? That's great. I haven't done that yet because I want to get my calendar set up first and get all the kinks out.

    06-18-12 06:02 PM
  11. lguerrero's Avatar
    Another quick question....I want my husband to be able to sync to the same calendar and have this act as a "family" calendar (and if he sees my business appointments, that's fine). If he set's up this gmail account on his phone, can he sync as well?

    I noticed that Google Calendar has phone notifications, but there is only one phone number. Do I need notifications? If I sync my calendar with my phone, won't any calendar reminders pop up on my phone via the calendar? So I would not need a separate notification via text or email.

    Sorry for all my questions, but I'm completely new to Google Calendar.
    06-18-12 06:07 PM
  12. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    i would try to sync google to outlook using google software, maybe is more reliable than excel exporting/importing. to sync google to your bb just config your google mail and you'll be notified to sync calendar.

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    06-18-12 08:00 PM
  13. lguerrero's Avatar
    OK. So I set up my gmail account on my BB and selected the sync calendar and contacts. Then I logged into gmail. When I enter one of my contacts in the search field it brings them up so I know they are sync'd. However I cannot figure out how to access my contacts in gmail. For instance if I wanted to click on my dentist's name and see his address, email address, phone, notes, etc., how do I do that? I'm new to google/gmail so that's part of the problem. ETA: I found my contacts by typing in the address bar www.google.com/contacts. So disregard above.

    Also, it doesn't appear that my calendar is sync'd because I don't see anything on my google calendar. Maybe I need to wait a few hours? I see that I can download google sync, but my concern is that it won't keep my past events. I want both my BB and Google calendar to keep past events (or at the very least, google calendar). In Gogle Sync, under Sync Calendar I can 'sync event for next: 52 weeks' and 'keep events for previous: 4 weeks'. Does this mean that if I make a calendar appointment (via Google, not on my BB) over a year in advance, it won't appear on my BB until the one-year out mark? Aluiziomachado, do you know the details of this?

    Here's a general Google/Gmail question: I noticed that there is now a picture associated with one of my contacts. I would imagine that means my friend has a google account (the only email address I have for her is AOL). So if my friends have Gmail, will they be able to see my pictures? I'm one of those people who is super private and doesn't do any social media. ETA: Ha! I just got this pop-up when I was in Google explaining my question above. Here's the link to the answer http://support.google.com/mail/bin/a...answer=1069629
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    06-19-12 03:09 PM
  14. cdskidso's Avatar

    I am interested in doing this also. I have left my employer so I no longer have BES and am attempting to sync through BIS since my current employer does not have an enterprise system for it's employees. Emails through gmail are great and update almost instantly in BIS.

    I was going to use google calendar and google contacts and sync them to outlook which is how I access my gmail. I use outlook 2000 and had to download an earlier, compatible version of google sync (vs. 1.70). I was dissappointed seeing an announcement on the Google sync web site that in June they are going to discontinue support of google sync for Blackberry.

    That RIM is leaving us high and dry without a solution for BIS calendar/contact sync to Outlook in OS 7.1 on the 9900/9930 is absolutely astounding. And if google is dropping support, what are we to do for an effective sync up of calendar and contacts when we are not on BES??????

    I love my 9930 and I would really hate to be forced to migrate to an Android which apparantly syncs email, calendar and contacts to the handheld in a BIS environment.

    Help!!!!, Any suggestions???


    06-19-12 05:48 PM
  15. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    google will descontinue the google sync app , but i think you'll still be able to sync your calendar using the BB email config .
    calendar itself and calendar sync (if you are not using BES environment) is one of the weakest BB points. it is very primitive comparing to android or IOS

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    06-20-12 01:19 PM
  16. wolfee48's Avatar
    I sync calendar and contacts via BIS to Google. Then I have Google Calendar Sync installed on my PC to sync to Outlook and Google. There is also a downloadable contact sync too.

    I only have to connect my device to sync the memo pad, task items, and to back-up my data.
    06-20-12 01:25 PM
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