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    Good day everyone. While reading about RIM stock I came across a good article about pros/cons for switching from Iphone to Blackberry. With that said at the end you can read about why another editor switched from Blackberry to Iphone. Just a different view on why other people(not crakkberry addicts) look at BB for.

    The BlackBerry Is Better Than The iPhone
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    11-30-11 01:49 AM
  2. BeRefreshed's Avatar
    Interesting articles, thank you for sharing. I like the explanations (in the first article) of how well the BB and Iphone handle different apps and tasks.
    11-30-11 02:37 AM
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    Be...I am with you I thought he did a good job explaining different things. Just wish he stuck with a "1" point each system.
    11-30-11 02:52 AM
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    Thanks for posting this! Read both comparisons and the comments. Iphone should not get a point for music though. Using mass storage mode and dropping music onto the BlackBerry is easier.

    Siri deserves 2 points, not a half.

    Good read!
    11-30-11 03:40 AM