1. sulcopete's Avatar
    Anyone ride the L train from Brooklyn to Manhattan or vice-versa? I'm always listening to music on the train...and every time I get under the East River, the music stops playing. I have to press the pause button (quick press) on the headphones to re-start it. This happens traveling in either direction. I wonder what causes it? I also know AT&T are pushing their cell signals into stations and tunnels. Can't say I'm really fond of that idea because I hate it when my phone rings on the train. Sometimes it's nice to be out-of-touch....in any case maybe that work has something to do with causing the music to stop?
    12-13-11 10:10 PM
  2. sulcopete's Avatar
    I play music just from my own media...love the phone for that...put the 32 gig card in and have basically everything on there I'd ever listen to twice...with 14 gigs left over! But yes it is just off the media player which makes the turn-off event kinda weird. Like you're going through some unseen field or something.
    12-13-11 10:19 PM