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    My 9900 has been sitting in its box for over a month now since I got a new phone, but today I took it out because I wanted to do something on it. I cut my sim card from regular to micro-SIM, and I left the sim adapter inside the phone. So when I took it out today, the adapter was inside, and as I was removing it in order to insert another regular sim card I have, it wasn't coming out because it seemed as if it was stuck to something. I tried forcing it a little bit and I ended up breaking one of the four pins that read the sim card, you know the four golden ones.

    I didn't actually break it, but it's sort of like bent and not sitting correctly like the three others. I tried making it sit straight like the rest of them but it's still not reading the sim card and says "Insert SIM Card".

    Broke the sim card reader-imag0126.jpg

    I believe it is pretty clear in the picture what I am talking about.

    I am assuming I'll need a new sim card reader/house, so is it easy to replace? I still have warranty till 2013, should I just give it to the BB service center and pay for its repair over there or is it going to be too over priced? I am assuming if they fix it, then the general warranty stays in tact?

    Thanks guys
    11-23-12 07:36 PM
  2. Ricktye's Avatar
    I did the same thing on the 9800 I used to have. I think it cost around $75 to fix. I never use the adapter anymore, just slide the smaller sim into place. Friction hole it in place, at least it does on my 9900 and did on the 9800.
    11-23-12 07:56 PM
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    I tried an adapter a few months ago and damaged the SIM tray. The tray only costs about $5 on eBay so if you have the skill it isn't expensive to repair but I gave it out and had it repaired here in Miami for $45. You don't really need the holder, just align the micro SIM and it will work. That is how I have it right now on my 9900, just add a bit of tape over it to keep it secure.
    11-23-12 09:15 PM
  4. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Thank you for your replies.

    Ouch, $75 is a lot of money but I guess if it'll keep my warranty intact then I should just go for it in case I decide to sell the phone soon, and I guess I am going to do that since I am already liking my other one.

    @DannyAves Yeah, I've seen the trays on eBay and Amazon but I read on how to install it and it seems pretty difficult, especially since it'll require some soldering as it is sort of glued to the motherboard rather than held by a screw or whatever. I am also not confident in local repair shops as from previous experiences, they seem to screw up more than fix, and I also fear that they would replace some genuine internal parts with aftermarket ones and of course I'll not know since I won't be watching them repair it.

    I'll visit the BB service center on Tuesday and see how much it'll cost me to get it fixed. I am not in a hurry since the warranty still expires in May 2013 and I am not actually using the device at the moment.

    Thanks again for your advice, I appreciate it.
    11-24-12 05:40 AM
  5. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    I found this video to be very interesting:

    I might as well see if there's anyone who can fix it that way rather than removing the whole thing and gluing it to the board.
    11-25-12 08:24 PM

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