1. soo007's Avatar
    I think this new app raises the usefulness of the 9900 several notches. This also breathes new life onto older devices. This is just perfect if you own an HTPC

    OMG i am blown away by this. I am typing this message from my netbook via my 9900 and 9100. This is just too good (even if far from perfect , can't type french and east asian language input is not yet supported).

    I think apple and android manufacturers will also implement this remote control functionality in a near future.

    Looks like logitecH is not getting my money anytime soon.

    Rim should advertise the 9900 and 9810 as the "best damn HTPC remote control on Earth"

    Finally i get to say Something nice about rim

    kudos to the engineers at rim for this kickass app!!!!!!!!!!
    02-25-12 10:02 AM