1. mjordan5's Avatar
    I was just wondering of the bricking problem is mainly with one or the other. Also if a single carrier has had more bricked 99xx's vs. others just a thought. Since I've haven't had any problems with my 9930 yet knock on wood.
    12-02-11 06:45 AM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    There are many many thousands more 9900s on the global market than there are 9930s, so you'll obviously hear more reports about the 9900 bricking.

    Carriers don't come into the equation... it's totally random
    12-02-11 06:50 AM
  3. pynkfloydd's Avatar
    There's a thread with exact models and carrier.


    Unfortunately, there are WAY too many variables. You'd have to know the exact model + OS + all accessories used + apps installed to even get a remotely accurate comparison.
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    12-02-11 02:27 PM