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    Hi all

    Before i start, i will say that i had a quick look through the other posts but did not see anything similar but i apologise now if I am duplicating anything.

    I had an interesting talk with an O2 tech guy yesterday about the 9900. Mine has bricked 3 times so far but luckily i have had no real issues in reloading the OS. Anyway as i was saying, i was in an O2 shop yesterday and thought i would ask about it and see what they had to say. The response that i got was that any 9900's that are brought in for bricking are now being sent back to RIM and that they are replacing the internals as there is issues with the earlier ones.

    What do you guys think, has anybody else heard anything similar? Or do you think he was telling me something that I might want to hear?
    01-11-12 02:44 AM