1. ajseymour's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Just back from an interesting conversation in an O2 shop today. Oh and i did have a quick look through the other bricking posts but didn't see anything about this, so sorry if this is a repeat of anybody else's posts.

    According to the tech guy in the shop, the problem is the hardware. It all started because my 9900 has been found bricked for no reason 3 times recently. Now while i have been able to reload the software it has been annoying and time consuming. So as i was passing I called in and had a wee chat with the tech guy.

    He said that any 9900's that are being sent back with this issue are now going straight to Blackberry and are getting the internals replaced and then reloaded with the most up to date OS version.

    Has anyone else heard this about the 9900? I am just trying to work out if he knew what he was talking about or just telling something that I wanted to hear.

    many thanks

    01-10-12 01:10 PM
  2. magician1's Avatar
    No mate, just took my 3 day old 9900 back today for a full refund.
    Had charging issues from really the moment i turned it on.
    I just so love the 9900 and even after I took it back today to 02 I went into phones4u to check out a white 9810.....looks great but the 9900 is just brilliant. I AM WANTING TO COME BACK RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW AND JUST WAITING TO SEE IF ANY LUCK WITH THE 7.1
    Also spoke to the sales imstore a O2 re the bricking and they said out of all the bb range the 9900 had hardly been returned due to it being very popular and no bricking issues as far as they were concerned.
    01-10-12 01:25 PM
  3. Fnord's Avatar
    He was blowing smoke. A carrier tech would have no idea what RIM is doing to devices they receive.

    FYI, for clarity, the problem you had with your 9900 was nuking. A bricked phone cannot be recovered at all (ie permanent brick)

    I agree. The actual numbers of "bricked" devices is much lower than the forums would have anyone believe.
    01-10-12 01:34 PM
  4. georgeli's Avatar
    RIM did publicly acknowledge the problem. I think it even posted on this forum. I personally sent back to of two 9860 because it won't come back up after overnight charging. I friend also had the same problem with her 9900 too. RIM said it is software problem but I think it is hardware.
    01-10-12 01:44 PM
  5. magician1's Avatar
    Here here.
    The only way the 02 sales imstore will know what is going on is if are a daily user and abuser of this fantastic forum! WORD UP

    Also they have limited knowledge due to the turnover of smartphones. I have even asked several different sales guys in 3 different O2 high st stores about the hungry and Mexico builds and they looked at me like I was an alien!!!!!
    If you have a good reading and natural enthusiasm then you will have a far greater understanding on what the issue is with the 9900.
    Next to me is my 3 months old iPhone 4 64gb and although I have got used to it and am pretty rapid and ultra slick and quick I cannot get away from those amazing BB devices, especially the 9900
    I have an ebay supplier who is a BB reseller getting another 10 of the 9900s in this week, he has fab feedback from the last lot he sold and will be given it another shot this week.
    01-10-12 01:45 PM