1. mjordan5's Avatar
    Was just thinking and don't know if this has been mentioned before but I know that the PB's charger charges the 99xx's faster then the provided charger. So could that be the problem charging up the battery to fast and it not being able to handle it since it wasn't designed for use with the 99xx? Or also have heard about problems with the charging dock? I personally have not used either to charge my 9930 just use the provided USB wall charger and have had no problems with mine what so ever minus poor battery life. Just my thought on this sucky situation for the people that have had bricked 99xx's. Mike
    11-21-11 11:07 AM
  2. pblakk's Avatar
    The bricks are either hardware failures (rare) or OS JVM errors. This is the most common bricking issue.

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    11-21-11 12:04 PM
  3. SevendustG's Avatar
    Mike I have been using my playbook charger almost exclusively since I got my 9900 and all is well here.It is so fast at recharging,its just plain silly.I never even took the charger it shipped with out of the box.
    11-21-11 12:24 PM