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    So me and my girlfriend bought two 9900's in October 2011.

    Like many others who have posted on this forum, she left hers charging over night (wall charger) and it wouldn't turn on. At first we didn't panic because it HAD happened before many times. Usually, we would just give it a charge again and wait it out, battery pull, that kind of thing. The phones (yes, both would experience the same problems from time to time..even old bolds would do that. Standard play from Blackberry but I never thought it was a real cause for concern - until now) would always start up again after trying the usual tricks. Both of the phones were made in Hungary, although from what I can see that doesn't make a difference since models from other areas are suffering from the same issues.

    Eventually after trying my battery in her 9900, keeping it plugged in for hours, draining the batteries, etc...I realised the phone was experiencing the red light syndrome.

    I've tried every fix under the sun now, loader.exe, loader.exe /nojvm, java commander, mfi fix etc. All these claimed to be '100% working'; the solution sent from god to bring the phone back to life. We paid over E400 for EACH of these phones and whilst mine is still functional, without hers the 'amazing' BBM communication platform is rendered useless now, not to mention the week downtime last year shortly after we purchased these phones.

    Maybe there's a solution now to fix the phone, which I'm not aware of, but it must be a pretty underground one if I can't find it after 6 hours of trying to resolve this. I shouldn't even have to be doing this, I shouldn't even be expected to search endlessly for hours on the internet to make the phone that hasn't even been damaged, cost so much money, to perform the most basic functions that a E50 could do for years after use and abuse.

    I feel so shafted by RIM, sure my phone still works, but what's the use if your family, friends, co-workers are suffering from the same that's all over this forum. Sure more people come on forums to express their problems than wowing about what appears to me now as a mediocre handset for the RRP. I never cared about having the best applications or gimmicks that the iPhone may offer, I just wanted a safe and reliable piece of hardware. This is a business phone, right? No, it's one of the biggest jokes. I would even go as far as calling it a scam. Who's going to deal with my problem now? My phone provider, now in a different country as I moved (as to be expected..people with Blackberries will most likely be travelling), RIM won't have anything to do with replacing the phone and just forward me to the sales provider who has already taken our money; who will no longer have an interest in assisting me as they do not have anything more to gain from clients who have already shelled out large amounts of money.

    I now, however, would trust an iPhone over this garbage. Yes the 9900 has a fantastic keyboard, decent touch control and a nice fluid operating system. Oh yeah, but that all was sacrificed for other features we would expect from a high-end phone like auto focus. I'm pretty certain that Apple, at least, wouldn't dare damage their reputation and would recall phones that were faulty. They already officially announced this was a problem - well where is the fix? I am by no means saying this is a terrible phone but the reliability is plain awful and if I am to pay a considerable amount of cash then I expect a considerable amount of operational consistency from a company that is hailed for its support and performance.

    As I have discussed with my girlfriend, we really have been ignoring a lot of issues with these phones; I mean, come on, it's hard not to when you are paying that kind of price. You want to believe you have made a good purchase. It's called being optimistic. Which is good, but if I had seen the issues before we bought these phones I would have NEVER gone through with the purchase.

    All I can say is their next phone platform better be a major improvement or we will never go back to these toys again. Very pissed off
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    02-08-12 06:32 PM
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    I don't blame you for being upset about it. Once they brick like that - they're toast. Are you able to get it changed under warranty?

    Now FWIW - it may or may not be bricked. Some have been able to get past the "connecting to JVM" screen by pulling the battery and re-inserting at the precise moment - and have been successful in reviving the device. I wasn't on a 9900 and a 9800, but some others have been. It may take hours to get the timing right, or not get it up at all...but thought it might be worth mentioning.

    By the way, the ONLY thing that will work in this state to communicate with the device, is loader.exe. Don't waste your time with any other software to try and connect.
    02-08-12 06:56 PM
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    Yeah, I tried pulling and re inserting the battery already on the JVM screen. Really I've tried everything, there is really no hope now.

    These phones are supposed to help you plan your daily life and to support you, but then you spend all your free time trying to fix it? Very counter productive, and even if it's not a brick problem, it's something else..and unacceptable.
    02-08-12 07:22 PM
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    You may want to search the Crackberry forums on reloading OS on a bricked Bold 99xx because I remember reading them here. Some people were able to bring their phone back to life using the new leaked OS.

    Did you call the RIM's main office in your country. I found sometimes if you yell at them or threaten to go to media, they lick your feet. Telus did that when I told them I am going to media... lol
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    02-08-12 07:22 PM
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    At first we didn't panic because it HAD happened before many times. Usually, we would just give it a charge again and wait it out, battery pull, that kind of thing.
    This sounds bad... I mean this should NEVER had happened. I had my Bold 9900 since the day 01 it was released in Canada. But I changed my phone few times, I think 3 times, during the first week due to hardware defects. I always charge overnight and I never woke up to a power down phone. Sounds like you guys had a bad phone since the day one.
    02-08-12 07:26 PM
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    You could try loading 7.1, others have gotten it to connect to update. Mine bricked but I didn't freak. With insurance and a recent backup I received a nice replacement next day. Logged into BB ID and restored and all is good. New technology has always had bugs. I love this BB so I'll put up with it. Power goes out, new cars stall, the burger you ordered is raw and sh*t happens. Sorry your having a rough time.
    02-08-12 10:52 PM