1. omariothebest's Avatar
    Hello everyboby i m new in this forum. First one excuz me my english isn t good.
    I have a brick bold 9900 with the night battery charging... afta trying all method descript in crackberry s forum it s still brick... Now i want to attack hardware part.
    I have to precise im from senegal and there isnt a warrantly like your country.

    I see a lot of people say why RIM just talk a little bit about thi issu? In my opinion is because of IT IS A HARWARE ISSU. This remind me the XBOX 360 with ROD problem see this

    It was a hardware problem and microsoft behave the same as RIM. But the xbox scene made a lot of research and found a solution it self to solve it with putting a little eraser on the 4 ram and it worked.
    As i know RIM never ever won t say "Dessasembly your blackberry make a solder here or there". Tomorow i will bring to a very good eletonical engineer and i will see if there is someting wrong in the PCB of the bold 9900. maybe there is a soltution like xbox 360 issu.
    So if someone can work with me and give me some technical thing about this call it will be cool.
    03-13-12 09:00 PM
  2. kryptic123's Avatar
    No, personnaly I wouldn't bother I'd sell it for part, screen etc. And atleast re coup some sort of money from it. No one has ever found a solution too bricking issues on the 99X0 not sure about any other BB's
    03-13-12 09:24 PM