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    So earlier today, me and my friends went to the mall to meetup with the messenger of a reputable online seller for gadgets. My friend wanted to buy a 9930, although I'm not sure if the phone's already unlocked or still tied to Verizon. We live in the Philippines. And then when we were inspecting the phone, put the battery in, the phone won't come to life. It just showed a red X over the battery icon and won't charge even if it was already plugged to the charger. Any ideas as to what's wrong with the battery or phone? Because my BB charged with the charger that came with the box, so scratch the possibility of the charger having issues..

    The screen looks something like this:
    10-14-11 07:56 AM
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    I'm not referring to the phone, but the one that appears on the screen Read the caption again
    10-14-11 08:16 AM
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    More then likely its a nock off battery and not an OEM.
    A few models back, i think around the 9800 it came to light that RIM has introduced smart batteries. These are encoded from RIM to work with the devices. Nock off batteries are coming with a clone device. You can successfully clone the code to a nock off battery but if it ever dies the code dies with it and you have to pair it again.
    My guess is your device was working fine until the battery died and now its not paired properly.
    Thats just my guess.
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    10-14-11 08:50 AM
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    So does that mean a new and more original battery should be purchased in this situation? Well in the end, my friend opted not to get the phone because of what happened. Said she'll go for the 9900 instead Although I'm really curious about this scenario, since it's actually the first time I've encountered something like it!
    10-14-11 08:56 AM
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    Where did you bought this phone ? If in the store near you then go there show them and they will gladly exchange battery for you, as its known issue with battery on this phone

    Oh sorry i didn't rode your first post...anyway this is a battery issue, phone is fine
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    10-14-11 09:34 AM
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    The device is fine, but the battery is defective. This is a known issue.

    You'll need a replacement battery.
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    10-14-11 10:13 AM
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    Thank you for your inputs, guys! Much appreciated
    10-14-11 03:12 PM
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    What online seller did you buy your 9930?
    10-15-11 03:22 AM
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    yea i agree. icons like this mean one of two things.

    1.) the OEM battery is bad or unable to hold a proper charge - replace it
    2.) its a knock off battery and the phone can tell so it rejects using it.

    bottom line, get a genuine RIM blackberry battery and everything should work fine.
    10-15-11 04:04 AM