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    Hey Crackheads!

    So, two weeks back, when I received my salary, I went to the Blackberry store in New Delhi, India, and finally, FINALLY, purchased the Bold 9900. I wanted it bad. Was dreaming about it for a month, read about extensively, and I just wanted to get my hands on it as soon as possible.

    It was a weird feeling buying the Bold 9900. I have NEVER spent that much on a phone (approx $620!), but I was like, hey, what the heck, lets just buy it!

    This is my first Blackberry. Im coming from a Nokia E75, which I used for 3 years, and which I'll sorely miss. I loved its 100% steel back, and the prime reason why I wanted to go for a Bold 9900 is because of the metal. I like the metal because it gives solidity, and all I wanted was a powerhouse phone. I'm a budding entrepreneur living in booming time so I'm always on the move. The Nokia E75 was a great POWERHOUSE phone, and that the reason I got the Bold 4.

    OK. Enough with the prereqs. So I got the phone, drove back home. Couldnt wait had the traffic so I started unboxing while driving. OK I know its risky, I just couldnt wait. So finally set up the phone, everything was perfect.

    On the second day, getting to know the BB OS. Its smooth as ****. But wait a minute, my phone just rebooted on its own!!! And then, just kept rebooting till I had to pull the battery off. Put the battery back in, it starts up, and reboots again, and again, and again.

    Ok, no issues. The renowned Blackberry Service replaced my phone. Gave me a brand new BB with a new Pin and IMEI number.

    Started using it. There you go, did my trackpad just stop working? It did. Ok. No problem. I still have the great touch screen. I got on around without the trackpad for a few days. A series of public holidays so the BB Service Centre was shut. It reopened. They replaced my Blackberry again. Voila!

    So, my third new Bold 9900. This one feels snappier. Definitely snappier. So well, I was going on a business tour and I thought I'd take my new phone for a ride. Was very excited to see how it'll perform.

    Left home at 5 AM for an early morning flight. The BB was 100% charged. Switched it off on my 3 hour flight. Went through the day with moderate emails, no 3G, a few calls, no browsing, some BBMing and WhatsApping. Its 12 AM, and only 10% battery left.

    Was out with friends so was not carrying a charger, the phone died on me 40 mins later.

    Next day, same story, out till midnight, the phone just cant survive. Now, I know many of you carry the charger with you. Or have very strict 9 - 5 routines. My lifestyles not like that. The Bold 4 just cant stay alive with me.

    OK, no problems. I absolutely love the keyboard. Its painstakingly luxurious, and invites you to take it for a ride. Plus the metallic bezel. So I didnt want to let go. Then again, used it for 2 days, its a good well built phone no doubt. It just has way too many 'niggling' issues to make it my powerhouse phone. I hate the lock button being in the middle, puts more strain on my fingers.

    I hate the ULTRA MASSIVE SIZE of the BB 9900. Its just too broad to sit in your pocket for a few good hours without causing intrusion. Its unbearable. I found out that I was constantly holding the phone in my hand, and I have big hands, its still to big. It gives the opposite an impression I'm not willing to give.

    Anyway, one morning I get up, I find out that I absolutely cant stand my Bold 9900. Not even for a single second. I rushed to the Blackberry Store, and exchanged it for a Bold 9780. Sigh of relief if you ask me.

    Now, its been a week the Bold 9780 and my oh my I love this phone. Its white so it does get dirty and requires cleaning. But yes, this is Blackberry I heard about.

    This is a TRUE POWERHOUSE phone. A phone that can take the beatings. Is solid. Has SUPERB battery life.

    Some niggling issues but not as bad as the Bold 9900. And really, be it a slower processor, I dont care! I dont use apps, just some minor ones. I have an iPod Touch 4G for that, which is great for its purpose.

    Conclusion on the Bold 9900: Really, its not a Blackberry 'Blackberry'. Meaning, its not the Solid powerhouse awesome battery weather restraining phone. It might have great hardware underneath its stunning body, but the point is missed.

    Those who have it an enjoy it, Kudos to you. The Bold 9900 is just not for me.

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    11-14-11 06:45 AM
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    From what I've been reading, a OS update might have fixed some of your issues but it doesn't matter now. Glad you got a phone you are happy with and that's what matters in the end.

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    11-14-11 07:43 AM
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    Im coming from a Nokia E75, which I used for 3 years, and which I'll sorely miss. I loved its 100% steel back,
    Thanks for the memories. Those old nokia "E" and "N" series were powerhouse, well built devices. I've used them all. Great stuff!
    On Topic, I was thinking the delays releasing the new bold series was due to RIM's wanting to be sure most of the niggles were gone. Didn't work out that way it seems. Glad to hear you got the BB that works for you, after trying 6 I gave up. I just needed something more reliable.
    11-14-11 11:29 AM
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    E71 was a true powerhouse and the construction was superb. Hey, at least you're still with us!
    11-14-11 11:58 AM
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    I used the E75 for about 2years. Great device and well built.. Don't worry after my Bold 9900 bricked on me and didn't work after several OS updates, I went back to my old faithful 9700. Now I have my eye on the 9810. It may not have the great keyboard as the bold, but it seems to have less problems.
    11-14-11 06:53 PM