1. chinamonn's Avatar

    Today, I came across a problem, my bold 9900 randomly started to boot itself. For that very reason, when it was done loading, it would just turn off and the red light would appear. Then it would turn on for a few seconds, then simply bring back to the booting screen and repeat the same cycle again and again... This would repeat forever.

    I have tried to restore it's original OS, however, it did not fix the problem.

    By the way, I believe battery was not the problem, it originally had 80% battery life. My phone was not being charged or anything. I just simply left it on my table, and somehow it randomly went to the booting screen.

    Can anyone please figure out what my problem is?

    Thanks, Freddy.
    02-12-12 08:21 PM
  2. lke1's Avatar
    Try bbsak and press wipe and also restore apps

    Also search inside this forum a way to load the OS with loader.exe, there are some users that say they have fix this issue.
    02-12-12 09:24 PM