1. Brazen9000's Avatar
    For anyone who has gotten their hands on it -
    Is it soft with significant "depth" to the key press like the 9000 or is is firmer and shallower like the 9700 / 9780?
    05-04-11 11:52 PM
  2. B_Blaire's Avatar
    I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, but what would you rather prefer?

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    05-05-11 02:43 AM
  3. DrLouie's Avatar
    Personally I would prefer it to be the same keyboard that exists on the 9000.
    05-05-11 07:12 AM
  4. Brazen9000's Avatar
    I can't imagine a better keyboard than the Bold 9000. The Torch is, understandably, tight and clacky. The 9780 seems to be a mid point between the sofa keyboard of the 9000 and the shallow tight Torch keyboard. My hunch is that due to the thinness of the Bold Touch we'll get a 9780 keyboard only bigger. So the key press will be shallower on the Bold Touch than the original 9000. Still the best keyboard out there, but not the 9000 experience.
    05-05-11 10:59 AM