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  1. MartyMcfly's Avatar
    I purchased a bold a few hours ago, and now i'm having an issue. I set everything up ie contacts, email,etc..etc..I deleted yahoo messenger and updated all the native bbm apps. I restarted my phone and now it keeps restarting...Is there a way stop this or should i exchange the device? Thanks in advance...
    03-10-12 10:23 PM
  2. MrLynd54's Avatar
    I would try doing a battery pull, for about 60 seconds, at least once. If it continues just exchange it. Could be a bad unit.
    03-10-12 10:36 PM
  3. AWDragon200's Avatar
    This happened to me a few times on my Torch 9800. Seems to happen with a certain combination of badly behaved apps when installing, updating new apps or new versions of apps. Key is to pinpoint which one is causing it and avoid that app.
    There is a standard way to stop it. Pull the battery. Connect your phone to a laptop or desktop computer with BB Desktop Manager. When it prompts "Cannot connect to your blackberry" select option "Update". This forces a fresh download and install of the OS onto your phone and clears all the apps. It will start your phone fresh and you will have to go into App World and re-install your apps one by one. Put your battery back in once it starts downloading OS and installing. Let it finish installing 100%. Start fresh and restore your last backup if you have it. Setup you email again.

    To into App World and re-install your stuff. Try to only install the ones you need and pinpoint the one you think may have caused the re-boot problem. Trial and error and what was the last app you installed right before the problem started.
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    03-10-12 11:08 PM
  4. albee 1's Avatar
    I don't know if safe mode works on Os7 like previous os's. You can try to press and hold the back (swoosh) key while it is booting. This should allow you to fully boot into safe mode which will allow you to delete a suspected app. Menu/Options/Device/Application Management. Select an app, then press Delete. Hope you get things staightened out. Worst case scenario you can do a security wipe which will bring it all back to factory zero. Menu/Options/Security/Security Wipe.
    03-10-12 11:15 PM
  5. MartyMcfly's Avatar
    thanks for the tips
    03-10-12 11:17 PM