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    let me confuse you some more
    I recently went from BB9650 to BB9930 to the iphone 4s
    And here is my opinion based on my usage above. Not the truth or fact on all devices. Just my opinion and experience. I didn’t get a feel like I got a defective unit on either of the devices. i'm not going to debate which one is cooler and more hip than the other.

    About me. Business/personal user. Calls = 100plus minutes, texts = 40plus, emails = 30 plus. Browsing 60min.

    in my research, here are the arguments that came up in reason to stay with blackberry

    * Better battery life. Not true. Every phone degrades in this department after a while, but BB9930 was the worst at this. my Iphone can easily make it through 6AM to 11PM on a single charge. My Bold 9650 used to go up to 2 days at times. Since I charge every night, the 4S has been covering my needs.

    * Best physical keyboard. True. You get used to the touch keyboard, but I still make a few mistakes. The keyboard on BB is flawless.

    * BBM True in the beginning. Most of my contacts have dropped off BBM, and iMassage does everything BBM did for me without having to have sms in a separate application.

    * Best email platform. Debatable. Each platform has its strong points and don’t want to be biased towards one or the other. As for delivery speed which is the biggest concern for me, there is a slight edge on the BB(less than a minute), but that is because you get the stripped body of the email delivered and you have to choose to download additional context such as attachments. As for push, fetch and other terms used, delivery of a basic text email is the same speed on both.

    * Best at making phone calls. Not true, I get better reception on the iphone than either of the berries. BB9650 was better than the 9930. Accessing contacts, dialing is easier on the iphone. Speaker is better on the iphone.

    * Best at text messaging. True, the physical keyboard is unstoppable.

    * Hardware durability. True, I’ve dropped the 9650 many times without any issues. I am using a heavy duty case to protect it in fear or breaking it.

    * Stable and reliable OS. Not true. On both the 9650 and 9930, battery pulls and OS freeze up was an everyday occurrence. I’ve yet have any freeze ups on the iphone (2 months)

    * More customizable. True. the iphone is limited unless you jailbreak which Im not interested.

    * BB is for business, Iphone is a toy. Not True. A more accurate statement would be: The iphone is a toy in addition to being a business tool.

    And here are the arguments that came up in reason to go with iPhone (not mentioned above)

    * Over 500,000 apps. Not true, yes they have them but 499,000 of them are useless and games, which I don’t play games.

    * Better web browsing. True. Even with the highly anticipated 9930. Its not even close to the iPhone.

    * iCloud. Not true. Yes it backs up your stuff out there, but it doesn’t work like you would want it to work. Only plays nice with other apple devices.

    * Facetime. True. Its not something you do with everyone, but when away on business, its fantastic to see the kids. Works better than any other software I tried.

    * Better camera and video. True. Wow amazing! Is all I can say. The BB was awful with this.

    * Music and itunes. True I’ve been an ipod user for some time, and its great having it integrated in one device.

    * Retna Display. Not true, its nice, but the 9930 had a nice display too!

    So at the end, I can honestly say that the keyboard was the only feature I preferred on the blackberry.

    If blackberry's next phone improved on some of the features, I will def go back.
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    01-17-12 01:06 PM
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    Wow, thank you all so much for all the detailed replies! I went to ATT this morning and bought the 9900 and so far, I'm not regretting buying it again. My onl factor with the phone is the battery life and besides that, it's a pretty damn good phone.

    Thanks again with the replies everyone!
    01-17-12 04:08 PM
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    you are posting on a blackberry supported website.....therefore you should choose the bold.....the iphone is nothing but a overrated piece of s***......but it's a good phone too, i would choose the bold tho, good email, good texting, and everything else
    My overrated POS can run circles around my S2 and a friend's Torch.

    To the OP - good luck with the Bold. I considered that one before I ultimately chose an iPhone.
    01-17-12 04:28 PM
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    I think Apple does not offer multiple email signatures, so it is not even an option for me.I have 9 email addresses with different signatures.
    Yes they do. I am running 3 and I can also pick and choose where to reply from. Can also use an app called signature, which with a simple click can attach a separate footer and a logo too and paste it into the email am sending. It is a very slick way.
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    What's stopping you from having both? My ideal situation would be to have both devices and then switch the SIM whenever I needed to.
    01-17-12 09:27 PM
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    Windows Phone 7 bro!!!

    01-17-12 09:34 PM
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    9900 is better because of its form factor which is like 9000.
    So you can try buying used 9000 and keep few trackballs extra.

    This will serve your purpose.
    Or you try bb+iPod combo.
    See what suits you.
    Lol, no offence, but you cant go from an iphone 4 to a 9000, stick with the 9900, its abiut as fast as iphone4.
    01-17-12 09:39 PM
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    Yes they do. I am running 3 and I can also pick and choose where to reply from. Can also use an app called signature, which with a simple click can attach a separate rotter and a logo too and paste it into the email am sending. It is a very slick way.
    this is incorrect information...natively, the iphone only allows you to have one universal email signature that will be appended to all email, irrespective of which account you send from. If however, you jailbreak, you can use an app called Mail Minder which will add email signatures based on the email account you are sending from. The only way to use multiple email signatures in a native iphone is to keep the signature app running, type your email and then switch to the signature app, copy the email sig you need and then switch back to the email compose window,paste the sig and send it. Try doing this for 3 different email accounts and you get why it can get too difficult. Thank God the iOS is so snappy - this task doesn't take that long but you still need to be mindful of attaching the email sig every time you respond to someone. Baffles me how a phone that is going to compete as a business model can leave something like this and sound profiles out.

    OP - congrats on the bb. to good times!
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    01-17-12 10:11 PM
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    Be Bold, Go Bold
    01-17-12 10:16 PM
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    9900 is still in the wings and just waiting to go back to BB
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    I've had Blackberry's for a number of years ( did move to the truly dreadful iphone 3g for 4 miserable months) but I've decided to "downgrade" my 9900 to my second phone- using it mainly for the ocassional call, but mainly for BBM, and I will be using shortly an iphone 4 for my main calls with my existing tel number?
    1) Hooked into Apple eco system ( Imac, Ipad, macbook pro )
    2) fed up with taking battery out of BB9900,
    3) Fed up with BB world not recognising a new SIM card and having to do a security wipe everytime - never knowing if my restore will work
    4) fed up with no support from RIM ( Apple answr calls within 2 minutes!)

    Thats my tuppence worth..
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    01-18-12 09:20 AM
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