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    hi everyone!

    i have having a problem with my 9900 connecting to either the DM or the web based software upgrader (BlackBerry - Software Updates - New Update Software for BlackBerry Smart Phones).

    my phone with sometimes connect to the DM, but not all the time. when it does connect i go to update my device software, it says its preferred to back up your device( in a roundabout way). i click install or whatever is there. the phone an computer start communicating and then the status bar on the dm upgrade page goes about an inch and stops every time. on my device it doesn't show an arrow pointing from the device to the computer.

    i have tried everything, still no luck and im getting ticked off. its a simple update but it seems impossible.

    any ideas guys??

    thanks parker
    01-15-12 10:06 AM
  2. park0210's Avatar
    i have switched computers and installed the dm for the first time on it and stil the same bullcrap.

    thanks for the suggestion,
    01-15-12 10:51 AM
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    don't use any usb hubs, connect directly to computer...
    do manual backup..(backup your phone, or advance backup your bb)
    open command prompt.. locate loader.exe from program files or what every on your 64bit computer...
    once you are in folder where loader.exe is located type..
    loader.exe /resettofactory ...(reset to factory)
    and press enter..
    new blank screen will popup on computer and your bb will be wiped..
    once bb is fully restarted ...
    wipe bb by typing wipe on home screen and then entering blackberry
    this will ensure your bb is has nothing that should upset..
    try to update now...
    disable your antivirus and see if make difference... McAfee on my alienware sometimes doesn't allow to connect my BB, so my old XP based HP is always there.
    01-15-12 11:00 AM
  4. park0210's Avatar
    Ok so if I wipe it, that doesn't remove the current os or anything right? Cause if it still goes arye I will still have full use of my phone?
    01-15-12 03:35 PM
  5. park0210's Avatar
    Fair enough but how can i do that with out the desktop software cause it wont let me do it.
    01-15-12 05:15 PM