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08-13-19 09:36 AM
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    Other than SMS, I'm not sure. The last Messenger I used was IM+ but it won't connect with my XMPP server any more, due to the TLS requirements.

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    Mmmhhh ok
    06-17-19 02:34 AM
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    Here is some updated information (as of 2019-Aug-03) for The Bold Explorer website:

    The Bold Explorer


    App Store
    - BB App World latest version for OS 7.1 is: v4.3.0.32 (BBW)
    - QuickApps link: returns Error 404

    News and Search Apps
    - Globe News (BBW): not available any more

    - PodTrapper: not available any more in BBW (OTA link works ok)

    Photo Editing
    - Photo Crop by Nitro Utilities (BBW)

    Maps and Travel
    - Compass by Nitro Utilities (BBW)
    - Speedometer by Nitro Utilities (BBW)

    - The Weather Network (BBW): works ok, but limited to 4 cities
    - The Weather Channel (BBW): works ok, limit of 9 cities
    - il Meteo (BBW): requires BBM installed, Italian language only
    - BeWeather Free (BBW): server connection failure
    - Accuweather (BBW): not available any more
    - WeatherTrax (BBW): server connection failure

    - BlackBerry Virtual Expert by BlackBerry Ltd (BBW)
    - BeamExplorer File Manager (BBW)
    - Rock File Manager (BBW): this might be a free trial
    - Rock File Manager Reloaded (BBW): not a free trial, works ok
    - Network Traffic Control by S4BB Ltd (BBW)
    - Nitro Utilities (BBW): free registration app for all other NU apps
    - Meters by Nitro Utilities (BBW): memory, objects, file system stats
    - Capture Nux by iBNuX (BBW): screenshots
    - Shortcut Keys For BlackBerry by Phone Funda (BBW)
    - ShortcutMe (BBW): free trial, expires after a few days
    - deKlikken (BBW): not available any more in BBW
    - Aerize WiFiX (BBW): not available any more in BBW

    - Documents To Go: bundled with BB OS v7 and v7.1
    - Random Password Generator by S4BB Ltd (BBW)
    - Scientific Calculator Plus by Huy Bui (BBW)
    - Unit Converter Pro Lite (BBW): not "Unit Converter Pro"
    - Unit Converter Advanced (BBW): same as Unit Converter Pro Lite
    - Units by Bulbera (BBW): unit converter
    - World Clock by Bulbera (BBW)

    Dead Apps
    - File-Manager-Pro (BBW): not available any more in BBW
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    08-03-19 04:43 AM
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    we need a archive (download) with all working apps
    08-03-19 04:52 AM
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    Thanks for this! The changes are made (it was easy because the post was so nicely organized -- I really appreciate that).

    The QuickApps link is fixed too, but some of apps in it are now dead, so I'm not sure how worthwhile it is to maintain it any more.

    I think I may freeze/archive the entire site once BlackBerry World shuts down.
    08-03-19 10:31 AM
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    we need a archive (download) with all working apps
    Haha. I'll leave that job to someone else!

    The best practice is to download everything you need right now and make a backup. You could also put out a call if there's an app you don't have. Someone might have it.
    08-03-19 10:38 AM
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    Here are some more items to update:

    - BlackBerry Content Transfer by BlackBerry Ltd (BBW): data transfer to OS 10 device
    - Barcode Scanner by S4BB Ltd (BBW): requires BBM to be installed
    - DataBackup by S4BB Ltd (BBW): backup contacts, memos, etc. to SD card
    - Free Astro File Manager by AppsForBB.com (BBW)
    - MyTimes by Greg Zavitz (BBW): world clock
    - Radio Signal Decibel Meter by Nitro Utilities (BBW)
    - Screen Shot by Nitro Utilities (BBW)
    - TrafficMonitor by SystAG (BBW)

    Dead Apps
    - Capture It Free by Katvavini Infotech (BBW): free trial
    - Contact Backup to XL by 728Solutions (BBW): contacts backup to Excel, free trial
    - Instant Weather by 728Solutions (BBW): server connection failure
    - QR Code Scanner by 728Solutions (BBW): free trial
    - RSS Procer by Imaat (BBW): won't start
    - Screen Capture Free by Inmax Media: free trial
    - Weather Underworld With Widgets by Parachute Mobile (BBW): server connection failure

    Update to Existing Entries
    - Rock File Manager Reloaded by Rock Soft (BBW): includes COD file installer (no JAD file is needed to install apps from SD card). Doesn't include text editor.

    - FileScout: includes text editor and screenshot module (convenience key not supported). The version available in BBW requires BBM to be installed. Non-BBM version can be obtained directly from the developer at the bottom of this page:

    try or buy FileScout for BlackBerry® Download [File Manager for BlackBerry® Devices]

    - Capture Nux by iBNuX (BBW): immediate screenshots with convenience key, delayed screenshots from the menu.

    BlackBerry World can be quite a frustrating experience these days. It seems that about 70% of apps are free trials, the developers simply had never bothered to remove them. Some of those apps are designated as "free" but are actually free trials, so the only foolproof method to verify that the app is fully functional seems to be to take it for a test run for at least a week and see what happens. When installing any app it is a good idea to always check who the developer is, build your own database of trusted developers and check all their apps.

    1) The following developers deserve credit for taking genuine effort to make some or all of their apps available for free:

    Bulbera - all Pro / Paid apps were released free of charge.

    emacberry_dot_com - advanced file manager (FileScout) converted to free version.

    Nitro Utilities - a registration app is available which allows using all of their paid apps for free.

    S4BB Ltd - some high quality apps are available for free.

    2) And here are the developers who left lots of free trial junk in BB World:

    Ajani InfoTech
    Inmax Media
    SRID Games
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    Here are some more items to update:
    I'll get these updated sometime this weekend.

    Edit: It's starting to look like the dead apps list could be divided up into categories....
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    08-03-19 01:56 PM
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    A few more updates to existing entries:

    Rock File Manager Reloaded by Rock Soft (BBW): doesn't include text editor.

    FileScout: includes screenshot module but w/o convenience key support.

    Capture Nux by iBNuX (BBW): quick screenshots with convenience key, delayed screenshots from the menu.

    Developer's name was omitted here (some apps have similar names so listing developer's name is helpful):

    Unit Converter Pro Lite by Petr Wagner (BBW)
    Unit Converter Advanced by Adam Rizk (BBW)
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    08-05-19 04:59 AM
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    I've noticed that Podtrapper fails to download some podcasts now, due to TLS issues.

    My workaround has been to add the podcast feed as an RSS feed in Opera Mini and download from there.

    It appears that the podcast will be automatically downloaded to the correct "podcast" directory (at least it is on my device and I don't recall setting a download directory) and you will be able to listen to it by opening the BlackBerry podcasts app. It's a fairly seamless process for a workaround.
    08-13-19 09:36 AM
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