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    Back to the future! Just pulled an old Sanyo flip phone (Pro-200) off of the Sprint plan and replaced that Sanyo with the Bold 9930 I've had sitting around for several years.
    Sprint -- corporate store -- techs took quite awhile to get the 9930 working, making and receiving calls. They were unable or unwilling to try to transfer the address book from that Sanyo or to do much of any other setup. Even email is not set up.
    Question: what are the basic services, applications, whatever, that I need to set up and get working properly? BBM which requires a Blackberry ID and password, start with getting those created I assume.
    Some of the documentation appears available in the 9930's Help facility.
    Are there perhaps old threads here on Crackberry which would help this old timer get his 9930 set up and functioning as it should?
    Many thanks

    Well, since I seem unable to answer anyone in this thread including myself, I'll post a few updates by editing the original post.
    Well, I tried to -- and keep getting an error message about "exceeded spam threshold (4/3).
    Cut out those few links and got "exceeded spam threshold (3/3). sigh ...

    1. Did I get BIS working? Yes. Tried to post several helpful links which may have triggered that first spam error.
    2. Have I waded into BBM, Blackberry Messenger? That is next I think.

    Perhaps a Mod can tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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    12-04-17 09:54 PM
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    Welcome back @Redeyez02.
    Does Sprint still provide BIS?
    Yes, start with registering a BBID. As for BBM, a BIS plan is needed for it to work.
    Then check the stickies for email set up and working app. And hope that someone here will be able to help you with the address book.
    And do specify the different things that you want to do with your phone. That will make it easier for people to see.

    Gosh, I'd love one of those Sprint Bold. It's too high, at around $100 or more on eBay and only shows up from time to time.

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    12-04-17 11:47 PM
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    A few more updates...

    1. In order to get email functioning I needed to get BIS functioning. That let me add the required email accounts of course.
    I went through quite a bit of searching for how to get BIS working. These two links even though from Verizon were definitely helpful.
    This Redit thread offered more clues. Never did have to call Sprint or elevate the call as suggested at the end of this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comm...erry_internet/
    One caution: this https://sprint.blackberry.com/ page times out fairly quickly and with no notice.

    2. Have I waded into BBM, Blackberry Messenger? That is on the list but with no particular urgency. I did have some 8 upgrades needing done according to BBW | MyBBW. Some installed successfully, others consistently fail such as Windows Live Messanger, Yahoo Messenger and Twitter. FB also. Perhaps what is installed is too old to be upgraded. Google Talk also shows an upgrade available fwtw.

    The question was asked how do I anticipate using this 9970? As a basic smart phone is the best answer I can offer. Definitely not a gamer here so that's out. I will likely play with the gps and nav-related apps. Other business-related apps remain to be considered and evaluated. There are some financial applications which are not available on BB7. Maybe next century I will get ahold of a BB10 type device or a BB Android device.
    I was into social media back before and around the turn of the century and certainly discovered what a massive time sink it can so easily be. So, I do not anticipate using BBM Facebook Twitter SnapChat or any of the other such social media much at all. This little 9970 is determined to be the communications hub of all email and all messaging and that alone can soak up a lot of time.
    12-08-17 12:51 PM
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    I did find Telenav GPS Navigator installed, probably a years-old demo version. Researched that app and found it's resources and capabilities to be impressive. https://www.google.com/search?as_q=t...lackberry+cost
    The ouch is $10/month for evermore. Any suggestions on free or one-time-fee decent nav apps for this 9970? Thanks.
    12-08-17 12:59 PM
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    BBM. I did the upgrade to BBM as indicated. BBM on this 9930 looks like merely a skeleton outline of what I am seeing on the CB BBM threads such as https://forums.crackberry.com/genera...cs-bbm-866271/ .
    Is BBM actually supposed to appear that different???
    Thanks. Red
    12-13-17 04:00 PM
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    I did find Telenav GPS Navigator installed, probably a years-old demo version. Researched that app and found it's resources and capabilities to be impressive. https://www.google.com/search?as_q=t...lackberry+cost
    The ouch is $10/month for evermore. Any suggestions on free or one-time-fee decent nav apps for this 9970? Thanks.
    For basic maps I've used BB Maps without complaints. Typically fire it up beside my classic or K1 as a "second opinion" aerial view. Nice to get a bigger perspective, at times. I find the Classic/Google street view a little myopic at times. Not sure where to find BB Maps... it's always been in my 1066 vzw update... typically have to enable it thru desktop software, tho.
    12-13-17 08:37 PM
  7. Redeyez02's Avatar
    idssteve, thanks for BB Maps. Turns out I have them on this 9930 also. Need to spend some time working with that app to discover its utility and limitations.
    12-24-17 09:32 PM
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    This is a question about managing memory utilization on this device.
    Setup | Options | Device | Storage shows:
    Application Storage Free Space 60.8mb
    Built-In Media Storage
    Total Space 6.2gb
    Free Space 4.1gb
    Media Card Storage: Media Card is not presently inserted in the device.
    Options | Device | Device shows
    Free Memory 63826284 bytes
    Blackberry World | My World showing Installed aaps shows
    60mb of 512mb free

    It was that last, Blackberry World | My World, 60mb of 512mb free, which caught my attention. Those values suggest that I have just over 10%
    of memory free on this device.
    I come from the world of managing mid range systems. On this device I cannot find any app nor any app in BBW which I can use to get an idea of what is using how much memory, eg. file sizes.
    What am I to make of what Built-In Media Storage is telling me, Total Space 6.2gb, Free Space 4.1gb, Media Card Storage: Media Card is not presently inserted in the device.
    Application Resource Monitor app is installed and functioning; I saw it operate last night at 3am.
    Thanks for any of your thoughts and suggestions.
    12-24-17 09:51 PM
  9. littlebuff's Avatar
    Try the desktop software. It it should list all the applications and their sizes. You may need an Win7 computer or under for BDM to run smoothly.
    Do a battery pull or key combo Alt Left-Shift Del instead of physically removing the battery. That should free up some memory.

    Built in Media Storage is like the Hard drive on your computer, while the 512 Mb memory is the equivalence of RAM. The Built in Media Storage, or on board memory contains files such as ring tone, sample music, vid, and pics, wall papers, themes, some system files and so on. So some of that memory is taken up already.

    If you open Application folder, there should be a File Manager there with which you can see some of what is on the on board memory. If you don't see File Manager there, press menu (the Blackberry logo button) and choose Unhide.

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    12-25-17 06:43 AM
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    littlebuff, many thanks!
    I have BDM running ok on a Win10 system which originally was maybe Win8. Runs ok though, BDM that is.
    Files shows me 4.2gb of 8gb available which must be built-in media storage.
    BDM | Applications does indeed show the installed applications and their versions and sizes.
    381 pictures on the device; yes, that can be thinned down some. I have made some use of that device's very handy camera.
    BDM | Device Properties offers another high level look at the device.
    BDM | Tools | Mobile Internet ... failed to start.
    Looking over the applications and sizes on the device reminds me again of how we used to have to plan and work so carefully to keep applications very tightly written and compact. Such a contrast to the Windows world of recent years.
    Thanks again.
    12-25-17 09:41 PM
  11. littlebuff's Avatar
    No worries. Glad to be able to help.
    Yes, one of the lovely thing about the BBOS is the small size of the apps, though most of the 'app' I need came with the system already.
    Merry Chrismas.

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    12-25-17 11:59 PM
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    Back to BBM, Blackberry Messenger. Still don't seem to have BBM working, where "working" is defined as usable for chat.

    When I open BBM, I see the nickname I entered somewhere else in the upper left corner and under that name, Redeyez, it shows Available.

    Below that I am seeing a grey bar with 6 icons, Chats, Contacts, Groups, Channels, Updates, and BBM Shop. When I expand Channels BBM wanted my birth date. Enter my birth date, checked the privacy box, and eventually saw Welcome to BBM Channels. I can apparently create a new channel however no existing channels are visible. Whee ...

    Below that bar I see Invite To BBM which opens up to Invite BBM Contact, Enter a name, email, phone or PIN. Below Enter a name ... is a space where entering for example the first letter of contact in my address book brings up that person's entry.
    Below Invite to BBM I am seeing Contacts (0).

    BBM in BBW, MyBBW, shows version v8.5.3.9 and shows size at 7mb.

    Having tinkered w BBM a little more while creating this post I suspect that BBM is working properly and is simply waiting for me to tell it who to connect with.
    Having said all that, it occurs that I may be reminded of "be careful what you wish for" because I am not likely to spend large amounts of my day or evening chatting, especially using the 9930's keyboard -- I am far more at home using the laptop's full size kb.

    I do seem to recall somewhere on that 9930 where I could set options and permissions for BBM for example. Don't know where that was on the 9930 however.

    I certainly will appreciate any suggestions you all care to offer.
    Many thanks.

    12-27-17 09:56 PM
  13. littlebuff's Avatar
    I think that would be Options - Devices - Application management, though I doubt that app permission for BBM is possible there, as BlackBerry own 'apps' would have setting or options for the 'apps' within the apps, like when pressing the berry button.

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    12-29-17 06:32 AM
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    OK, next question: Alarm clock apps.
    BBW certainly has a whole host of clock apps each with its own variety of settable alarms. The stock clock app with its single settable alarm is just not sufficient.
    What I need is a clock app with a number of alarms I can set for various purposes throughout the day. An app which offers a choice of sounds for each alarm certainly would be a plus.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.
    01-08-18 03:46 PM
  15. littlebuff's Avatar
    I use the Calendar to set different alarms, reminder and so on. Not that convenient but the alarms always come with notes of what to do.

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-18 09:15 AM
  16. Redeyez02's Avatar
    OK littlebuff, that's ingenious. I will play with the calendar app. Thanks again.
    01-09-18 04:32 PM

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