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    I ran the Viper SmartStart on my Bold 9650 and recently ugpraded to the 9930 (Bold from Verizon). Got all my apps moved over and working except this one - from what I've been told by Viper the app simply doesn't (yet) support the 9900/9930. They told me to keep an eye on their Blackberry download page but the last version listed on that page is from 2010 so I'm not hopeful. Anyone have a status/better information about when there will be a Viper SmartStart version to support this phone (or did anyone get the current version working?)?

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    08-25-11 11:35 AM
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    I'm in the same boat. I emailed Viper and told them I switched phones to the 9930 and asked if they would be upgrading the software to work with that device soon. It took them about 3 days to email back and the message was:

    Hello Dave,
    We do not plan on building an app for this phone at this time. Please visit Viper SmartStart for BlackBerry frequently for updates.

    Rob Potts
    Consumer Services Lead/Smartstart Specialist
    Directed Electronics, Inc.
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    08-25-11 01:09 PM
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    Same guy I heard from. Best thing we can all do is keep pestering them ... surely they would 'plan on building an app for this phone' at some point, I'm amazed they would take that position. I would have expected them to be all over it given that it's the top-dog in the Blackberry lineup (in terms of Blackberry's with keyboards).

    The really bad part is this is really why I put the $400 or so into this system, so I could start my car from my Blackberry - now it's just a wasted and unused system in my car until they get a version out for it ....
    08-25-11 01:26 PM
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    Remember this when you go to buy another product from Viper. Obviously they are not committed to their customers with this (I am pretty upset as you can tell as I wanted to buy this for my car with my new 9930).
    08-25-11 09:32 PM
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    PS - For those of you have have the 9930 and a Viper system, in addition to e-mailing them you can also post on their Facebook page. Hopefully they hear from enough of us (and notice that the 9930 is on the home page at rim.com!!!) to "plan" on making the software work on this phone ...
    08-30-11 09:29 AM
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    Yankeed1 and anyone else with a 9930 and Viper. Contact Rob (rob.potts@directed.com), he has a version of SmartStart for the Torch that will *work* on the 9930. It's not perfect, it doesn't render quite right on the screen and the Lock popup text says Unlock ... but it works!
    08-31-11 03:19 PM
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    Thanks. I'll send him an email back as soon as I get my replacement 9930, and try to get it from him.
    09-01-11 03:15 AM
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    Hi, I also have an ATT 9900 I got the same responce from rob the funny part is I just replied to my email from when I got the torch 9800 and he sent me the file but it was bad and then they came out with a good one a day later on app world.
    Can someone please upload a file for the rest of the crackberry family!
    11-11-11 01:56 AM
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    Why is it taking so long for Viper to make a app for Blackberry OS 7? I keep checking there website and still no updates. It's so disappointing that it's still not available yet.
    01-14-12 08:09 AM
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    You guys need to plan something like flooding their inboxes or their FB page. When the public sees how customers are getting mistreated they should get off their a$$es then
    01-14-12 10:42 AM
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    Thank you OP for posting this information. The sales people at stores often have no idea.

    I was looking in to car starters with smartphone integration. I am not buying Viper then because they have no support for my phone. Do you guys know any company out there there is an app for car starter on Blackberry OS 7.1 platform?

    01-14-12 11:04 AM