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    I need some help wiping my Bold's OS. It's running OS 7 so it may be possible it's giving BBSAK and jl_cmder trouble. jl_cmder doesn't work. I get to the wipe option and after I trype blackberry it instantly kicks over to the main menu. I have v1.9.4 BBSAK isn't detecting my phone. I'm trying to reload apps using AppLoader and it's stuck on this part for the last 20 minutes:

    It's not moving or going anywhere. When the progress bar gets to that point the LED blinks once than 4 times. If I put the battery in when it's not connected to the PC, it blinks twice over and over. Please help. Thank you.
    10-31-11 04:24 PM
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    Turn off uac and try bbsak again.
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    10-31-11 04:35 PM