1. conan1071's Avatar
    I have a 9930 with Verizon running current Verizon OS. Here are the issues

    Phone completely freezes when on the internet for over 5 minutes; only battery pull unfreezes

    On the home screen, click the phone button to make a call, dial screen doesnt come up

    Battery life; barely getting 7 hours with call on bluetooth

    When on the internet and click a link, page tries to load and then says a communication error has occured. I have to disconnect the wifi and wireless icons

    I have been on with blackberry tech and all they do is re load the OS and im on with them for over 2 hours each time

    Any suggestions?
    12-07-11 05:30 PM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    If you can return the phone, I would... I know that as a BB fan, I should expect things like this. But as a general rule a customer should not have to keep re-installing and OS for a phone. If I were you I would exchange the phone for sure (assuming you still can do that).
    12-07-11 07:36 PM