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    Hi all,

    First of, I've been rocking my BB (coupled with a PlayBook) for a couple of months now, after "upgrading" from a storm (9550), and love it. Kind of. I think the reduced screen size compared to the storm sucks, but since the bold was the only BB7 phone with NFC at the time I bought it. (damn you torch 9860) As NFC is making it's way into the spotlight where I live it was the only real option. Sure, the keyboard is great, and the touch screens great as well. Battery life..? don't get me started.

    I just bought my brother a Nokia N9 for his birthday, and have tested it out for a couple of days. It completely blew my mind. The UI and the general feel of the phone just feels so fresh, or said in other words, makes the OS on the 9900 seem oh so (-ooooo) stale and "boxy". I've heard people saying this when comparing any BB to an iphone, but there's just something about iOS I don't like. Not so with MeeGo.

    Granted, the N9 does not have nearly all the features my Bold has, but it just doesn't matter.

    One thing that has staring to bug me about my BB is the quality of the music playback. I use Spotify on both devices, and the N9 is just miles ahead of the 9900 on richness of sound and so on. It just sounds way better.

    So, is there any way I can improve the sound when listening to offline playlist in spotify or just music on the phone. Sure, there's an eq., but that only takes the sound so far.

    Didn't RIM just sign a licensing deal with Dolby to be able to use their tech across the line of products? Or did they only beef up the playback quality on the torches, curves and the PlayBook?

    If anything this makes me long for a BB10 phone even more. I keep doing the PlayBook gestures on the Nokia, which (off course) doesn't work the way they do on the PB.
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