11-26-11 01:57 PM
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  1. shaleem's Avatar
    I guess that I've been lucky. I have the 9900 and it is working beautifully. In fact, I've had 2 Pearls, a 9000, a 9700, and a 9780 and I have had no problems with any of them. For my uses, nothing beats BlackBerry. I read a lot of these complaints and I can't help but wonder if many of them are written by trolls just trying to keep people from buying. In my opinion, if you want to try the 9900, get it, I'm sure that you're carrier has a 30 day return policy. Most do. I have friends that have android phones and iPhones and neither is without issues of some sort. Personally, I think the 9900 is a superb phone.
    11-26-11 10:48 AM
  2. guzprom's Avatar
    For work, you can't use any other phone than BB, and 9900 is the best BB out there.
    I can't Imagine having my galaxy as my work phone cause I downloaded apps with so many permissions... I prefer all sensitive data in a BB because of their tight app verification and security (encryption etc). As for iphone, its just hype with a very good camera in my opinion. The iPad is good for smooth browsing tho, but quite slow for serious HD multimedia. Iphone is just too small to be good at multimedia or browsing, having said that, iphone 4 and 4s and galaxy has a decent camera, not as good as SLR but beat 9900 by a lot.
    11-26-11 12:35 PM
  3. guzprom's Avatar
    And.. when they say liquid display in 9900... it really is quite smooth comparable to the ipad. My galaxy note isn't as smooth... unfortunately.
    11-26-11 12:40 PM
  4. gg22's Avatar
    I'd really appreciate your feedback on the Galaxy S2 if you don't mind. I've been using th Bold 9900 since it came out, but am seriously considering buying the SGS2. I love the 9900 keyboard, LED, Auto on/off, and the Blackberry OS is like a comfortable pair of shoes. But I really want the bigger screen for browsing, and feel that Android will continue to leave Blackberry behind. I tried the playbook, but it wasn't for me, so the SGS3 seems like the whole package? Also, my wife has the Iphone4, and I prefer Blackberry OS to IOS...

    Note, I'm really hopefull for BBX, but I'm not sure I trust Jim and Mike enough to stick around.
    I have Bold 9900 and S2X with a 4.5" screen ... It's nice but is still too small to type comfortably ... if you don't mind carrying two devices - 9900 (or even 97XX) + tablet is a much better option.
    11-26-11 12:59 PM
  5. pythons's Avatar
    If you like to grab podcasts and do media on the go the iphone is pretty hard to beat...
    ...If you have time to drag and drop the podcasts from your computer into the Berry that's what I would rather do.

    I'm on my second week with an iphone 4s now and I've been pleased with it - the battery life is significantly better than the 9930 I had but I don't have the option of just putting another battery in the iphone!

    Things like google maps, bar-code scanner and facetime absolutlely rock - the 9930 can't do video chat, can't get 4.5 or larger emails, doesn't play well with google maps and bar-code scanner sucks - not to mention the 9930 has a trash camera in it - can't email videos out of the phone, etc.

    I used the 9930 for a few months and can say the battery life in it was very good, the screen is excellent and you have the ability to use it with ANY computer, fully - something Apple does not allow ya to do which sucks. I am a big fan of a real keyboard and the 9930 delivers it out of the park on that - also I honestly felt that the music and podcasts I loaded onto my 9930 'sounded better' than the same ones I have on the iphone - I'm not sure what's up with that but the BB had a richer sound quality to it if that makes any sense. Also if you have any friends or family on the blackberry RIMS BBM is second to none - I've talked to people in the U.A.E. NO PROBLEM and it's seriously fast. The social networking apps for the Berry worked excellent in my view so no problems there.

    So, the Berry has some good things going for it you just have to consider what you need a phone for.
    11-26-11 01:57 PM
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