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    Interestingly, I've not seen any reviews on the Bold 9900 vs. iPhone 4S.

    I saw one that seems unbiased by a guy that has used both. I though it may help some people so here it is.

    There has been a bit of tension between some of the members of CrackBerry down on BlackBerry and counter attacks on iPhone so this post is going to just start by saying that if you are happy with your phone then you have the right one for you. I don't think there is one that is better for everyone and it comes down to what you want to do with your phone.

    The reviewer did mention the iPhone app advantage and clearly there is one. I would add that Apple has restricted the store and buy button on the Kindle, Google Books, Audible.com apps so it makes it more cumbersome to use them. However, BlackBerry is always late to the apps party and they've yet to update them for the Bold (at least the Bold 9930). I think this is valid and relevant information that is not mentioned. So with Apple you could buy from their iBooks or iTunes or from kindle via web, and then read or listen via the app. With BlackBerry you will need to wait a bit and they should be fully functional when launched as with previous BBs.

    There was also no mention of Siri, which I think was interesting. Although in Beta, it has great potential. Also, relevant is that BlackBerry is giving away 100 bucks in free apps by December and one if them is Vlingo. Kinda similar and both will improve but that is also something I would like to know before buying. I've switched from Driversafe.ly to Vlingo myself because of what I believe is additional functionality.

    Both are very nice devices and both have improved from the previous versions. I have a Bold, my wife has a droid and my lawyer buddy has an iPhone and we are all still friends. Hopefully this is useful and not too biased.

    Happy informed shopping.

    If you are happy with your phone, then you have the right one for you.
    To be honest on TIPB the iPhone blog and sister site to CB as well as cnet.com, Boy Genius Report and Engadget their have been many articles written comparing the 9900/9930 to the iPhone 4s and also the Pros and cons of Siri.

    Alot of people who were polled on engadget were asked what they use Siri for and many said they don't use it, we used it when we first got it but it is inacurate or they use it for somple tasks setting calendar appts. and notes. About 50% liked the feature and mentioned it was like when Facetime came out and now they don't use that as much either although in fairnesss you need WIFI to use it.

    As far as the hardware I hate to say that except for push email many people saidthey would but the iPhone over the 9900/9930 so I took it as a tossup.

    Hey either way the bottom line is what do you like and what are you going to use it for and make up your mind on what you wantto buy and own for the next 2 years... ME real easy and I went with the 9930.

    I believe that CB if you do a search did an article comparrison as well.
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    I just got the bold 9900 this past Sunday and have also been using iPhone 4 since last December. I send a lot of texts every day and the keyboard on the 9900 is really amazing. Typing on the iPhone is nice, too me maybe the best non-querty I have used but still no comparison to the 9900.

    I still use my iPhone for most of my media based stuff but for communication I am always using my 9900 (or whatever model blackberry I was carrying at the time). They both good phones and I am really loving the 9900 (No problems so far)
    Now this to me is a perfect example of someone owning both devices and giving direct feedback on why he uses one over the other and what he uses them for.

    What this says to me is what I have always taken the approach to a device or devices, Whatever works for you or what are you going to use it for. Clearly this poster omi has a firm grip on his situation.
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    I would go with the iPhone4S over the blackberry... RIM may not be around much longer
    Have you read last months Public Financial statement for Q3 from RIM? People may be ******** about the direction they are going and the devices that are coming out slow but at least an attempt now withthe OS 7 devices. Their bottom line and stock worth is not hurting one bit which is my biggest gripe about RIM.

    They are making huge ammounts of money and profit but does not seem to be putting it into R&D faster but yet they have to be solid and nobody can understand what is going on internally with RIM.

    The time line from when a device is conceived until testing and then FCC approval to continue is a long and tedious process that is always overlooked.

    THis to me along with other factors arte why so many BB uses that have stuck by RIM are so pissed off. One thing for certain, they are not hurting for money and will not be going anywhere soon.
    11-08-11 06:34 PM
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