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    Hey all, I bought my Bold 9900 a few months ago now and have had absolutely no problems with it up until this point. But today I tried to upgrade CrunchSMS to the new version and ran into a few problems.

    First, after it updated and rebooted I tried to launch Crunch and it said something along the lines of "child module not found", so I decided to completely remove it, reboot, and try to reinstall. I removed it fine and it booted back up with no problems but when I reinstalled it and rebooted again, it gave me a number of errors and finally sent me to a screen with a text-based list of all my apps on it. Trying to open any of them gave me errors about missing modules of one sort or another.

    After a quick google search I removed the battery, sim card, and media card and put them back in one by one to see if one of them is the problem. After booting with just the battery in it appeared to work, and then sent me to the BBID sign in screen. I attempted to sign in but could not, I assumed because I had no connections to the network. I replaced the SIM card, and it put me to the same screen. I again tried my BBID and password (which I knew were right) and it says they do not correspond with a valid blackberry ID.

    I do not have a cable to attempt to plug it into a computer right now to see what happens, but does anyone have a similar issue/fix for this? I'm pretty much expecting having to wipe and restore my phone, but it would be great if anyone could give me an alternative. (Sorry for being ranty, I'm pretty stressed as it is right now)

    12-05-11 01:40 PM