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    I'm about to order the 9900, upgrading from bold 9700 (at&t)
    I checked the bb website and there is no information about what the screen is made of. Specifically if it's 'scratch-proof' , gorilla glass, etc... My 9700 got a deep scratch on the screen when i put it in my pocket with my keys. Does the 9900 have a more scratch resistant screen?

    12-04-11 05:03 PM
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    I don't beilieve also I think the company who makes gorilla glass posts on there site what devices use gorilla glass but I would recommend a screen shield use them on every phone I've owned really does help as long as you get a high quality one so it won't mess with the resolution of the display.
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    12-04-11 05:08 PM
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    It is not gorilla glass. But it is pretty tough stuff, not a single scratch on mine after a couple months of use. I just toss it in my pocket with my keys all the time.

    For screen protectors I recommend iShieldz. They have a lifetime warranty and are what law enforcement and military use. Best screen protectors available imo. And not only will it not interfere with your touch screen performance, you probably won't even realize that it is there.
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    12-04-11 05:18 PM
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    Right, the 99xx screen is not gorilla glass (not listed on their website), but it is definitely pretty tough glass anyway. I've had mine since release on Verizon and I don't see even a hairline scratch on it, no protector, no nothing. I put the phone a lot in my pocket too, and I see that the metal bezel does have small scuffs and light scratches, but absolutely nothing on the screen.

    By the way though, there was a thread posted a while back maybe a month ago by someone 'confirming' that the 99xx screen IS gorilla glass, but it turned out that the link they referred to misinterpreted some info. about the specs, so it was not true after all... in case you were to do a search and came across that link later.
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    12-04-11 05:38 PM
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    Corning is the company behind Gorilla Glass. They have a list of products using the product, but they also have a disclaimer that some companies request anonymity and not be on the list. If RIM uses Gorilla Glass I couldn't imagine why they'd want to be left off the list. One never knows...

    Its likely a similar product from a competitor to Corning.
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    12-04-11 05:49 PM