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    I need a screen and full body protector for my phone and while I have heard great things about iShieldz over InvisibleShield (Orange Peels), I was wondering if anyone has any experience with ExtremeGuard which seems to be much cheaper??

    Has anyone experienced with their products??

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    Thanks guys!
    09-28-11 05:57 PM
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    I had the Zagg invisible shield put on my 9900 today. I love it, it protects the entire phone. The other good thing us that if you don't want a case it still gives a good grip on the phone.
    And as an added touch, gives the bold more of a shine. Ive seen on other threads ppl asking about the screen scratching but i recommend this protector just in case.
    hope this helps

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    09-28-11 11:44 PM
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    BB7Glam As I mentioned in my post the Zagg InvisibleShield is known to give phones "Orange Peels"
    09-29-11 06:04 PM
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    Sorry, didn't see that. I've never heard that term before I must say, what does it mean in regards to the phone?

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    09-29-11 09:08 PM