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    This post is just because i am really dissapointed with this forum. I think its really stupid calling this the bigest bb comunity online as i see nothing diferent from the original bb forum. Here replyes 99% are : Return your phone to waranty or using the Loader.exe is the biggest ''Discovery '' or posting themes is the hot topic. Reasuming it may be cool to hang out but definitly not to solve a problem . Im an Electronic Ing so really good and hardware less in Software .Anyhow reason im posting this is because to help anyone who really need help like , red light , no battery , no speaker , camera , wifi ecc ecc. Schematics of the 9900 , anyone can take a look and give a try as a last chance and by this hope that the crappy Advice , return your phone to waranty will be less as i think anyone knows that can return it back if they coud.

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    03-21-12 02:18 PM
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    Link of download is currepted.
    thank you
    04-18-15 10:52 AM