1. DrEAdler's Avatar
    Hi there,
    I have my 3rd BB now and am really upset. When I used my "old" BB 9780 with the professional BMW-communication-System*the level of integration was just amazing. Everything synchronized and working perfectly.
    Then I got my new BB 9900 and things changed dramatically!
    The pairing-process seemed to be working fine and all the bluetoothservices connected well. The menu in the car showed my contacts (some more the 900). No messages, appointments, tasks. After some seconds the contacts are gone and the icon in the car, indicating with services of the Bluetoothphone are available changes from data, audio and phone to audio and phone only. Calls can still be received at that time.
    Trying to do something on the Bold will not work at that time - it is completely stalled. frozen, dead
    After some seconds. The car looses connection to the phone and indicates, that there is no bluetooth-phone available.
    Resetting the phone will not make it work again. It needs 1 - 2 akkupulls to get it to function again. After 1 pull the progressbar moved so incredibly slow that it needs a second pull.
    I get my OS via t-mobile. They did not upgrade it since delivery: 7.0 Bundle 1465 (v7.0.0.296, platform
    I tried to change every option in the BB-bluetooth menu (encryption, limit the services to phone only and so on and so son). Nothing changed. There seems to be a massive change in the bluetooth-stack between 9780 and 9900. There are many similar postings on the internet and in this forum.
    If RIM wants to be the premium smartphone-company, these phones need to work with the in-car-systems of the premium in-car-comm.systems such as the bmws.
    Thanks for your help!
    12-03-11 03:01 AM
  2. joju58's Avatar
    First thing you need to do is upgrade OS. No need to wait when your wireless provider will offer upgrade. Go with .503 or .540 and I'm sure you'll see improvements.
    I'm running on my at&t 9900 OS .540 (which is not at&t's OS) and have no problem at all pairing with my bmw 750. Good luck.
    12-03-11 07:40 AM
  3. Quake97's Avatar
    Did you check to see if the 9900 is compatible before flipping out?

    12-03-11 07:41 AM
  4. smrdroid's Avatar
    Same issue for me with a 9930 and a new Audi. Bluetooth connects at first and then drops off repeatedly. Have to repair/reconnect each time it happens.
    01-14-12 03:19 PM
  5. X54TH's Avatar
    Fixed the BT connection to my wife's BMW by downgrading to the previous OS 7.1 (the first version from 7.0 to 7.1).
    11-24-12 03:20 PM
  6. David Scott's Avatar
    My Blackberry 9900 worked in my 535 GT for more than a year. Now it connects to the BMW and my address book is downloaded, however when I try to dial a number or I select a number to be called the call is immediately ended. The dealership is telling me that Blackberrymust have made changes to their system and that it no longer works. I can dial calls from my Blackberry and then I can use the handsfree system to talk. In order to end a call I have to use the Blackberry, it cannot be terminated from the car controls. Is anyone else having this problem and have you been able to solve it? David
    12-18-12 12:52 AM
  7. mitchy_mitch's Avatar
    Sounds like your BMW needs a SW update. But, your dealer probably isn't interested since SW updates take up a lot of profitable shop time which costs them $$$$.
    12-18-12 02:05 AM
  8. ritesh's Avatar
    I successfully connected with my Audi.

    12-18-12 06:05 AM