1. soupatoras's Avatar
    Hi guys... new to the forum i have a bizarre problem i searched the forum but i found nothing... first of all forgive my English, i have a Bold 9900 with the .540 i want to turn off my phone and i cant...
    When a push the off button or the off icon my phone shuts down and after 1 min starts again... i tried everything, i dont have auto off/on enabled... and even canselled any alarms... any ideas??? thank in advance...
    12-12-11 11:15 AM
  2. sbx9900's Avatar
    I've been on.540 for a couple of weeks now and I have not encountered or even heard of this. Have tried a battery pull? remove the battery while the phone is on and put the battery back on after about a minute. Then try to switch your phone off.

    If this does not work, try reloading the OS.
    12-12-11 11:30 AM
  3. soupatoras's Avatar
    thanks for your reply, i tried what you told me but same again... when turn off re-opens by itself... about the OS i had the same problem with .374 too... its not a major problem but its annoying to know that i cant shut off my phone completely
    12-12-11 01:05 PM
  4. AugustArborists's Avatar
    My 9900 did that a few times back on one of the older OS's, I can't remember which one. Wasn't .540 though. I did an upgrade to another build, and it never happened again. OP, maybe reloading your OS will stop it.

    Good luck, two months later, I'm on 7.1 and have no problems at all.
    12-12-11 01:36 PM