1. baldur's Avatar

    I've had my 9900 for 14 days and I have a problem ....

    When I use the predictive typing method, it proposes only 3 alternatives and often not what I need. On my old 8970 I could choose from a list?

    ..... is there anyone who knows the problems .... and a solution?


    01-17-12 05:05 AM
  2. baldur's Avatar
    Is it true - doesn't anyone knows the problem with the dictionary only suggest three words?

    01-18-12 12:12 PM
  3. kjjb0204's Avatar
    No idea. I hate predictive typing. I rely on spell check and proofreading.
    01-18-12 01:01 PM
  4. OniBerry's Avatar
    Yeah, I haven't used it either. Not since my T9 days. I just tried though, only get two-three suggestions. Seems like it is sort of on, sometimes.
    01-18-12 01:06 PM
  5. sam_b77's Avatar
    How many options do you want it to show? You are pressing the keys directly. So there is not much of combination of words to show. Just the different variants of the word you just typed.
    01-18-12 01:13 PM
  6. baldur's Avatar
    The problem is that I write in Danish - and the special danish letters. When I use the predictive method it suggest the danish words with the correct spelling. The problem is that in my past that had OS5, I could choose words from a list of 10-15 words. It is therefore more difficult to write when I need Danish letters (which is not on the keyboard).

    Therefor there are a lot of danish words that I can't write on the Bold 9900.......
    01-18-12 03:00 PM