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    Hi everyone,

    I upgraded to the official .439 OS last week from the stock .261 that I was running on my Bold 9900. Battery life seems to be better, but I'm noticing a few bugs that range from mildly annoying to actually problematic.

    1. The sound randomly turns off on my alerts and alarms. I think this typically happens when the battery runs low. No matter what sound setting I use, nothing rings (though vibrate still works). When I try to test the ringers/alerts (i.e., in the "Sounds for Selected Profiles" menu), either nothing happens, or it tells me that I have selected an invalid sound (which cannot be, since I'm only using the sounds that came with the phone). Doing a battery pull fixes it (until the next time it happens...) but this is a real problem for me since I use my phone as my alarm clock, but I have no idea now if the alarm will actually ring.

    2. GPS is having real trouble, both on the GoogleMaps app, and on websites that try to pull my location. All my GPS/location settings are turned on/enabled. I deleted the caches on my browser and that seemed to help the browser-based stuff briefly, but the lack of GoogleMaps is really annoying.

    3. The phone "forgets" which icons I've hidden on my panels every time I do a battery pull. The icons also sometimes reappear randomly (again, I think it happens when the battery runs low). Not a huge deal, but irritating.

    4. A little minor lagging/freezing while browsing. It almost always recovers quickly but I have had to hard reboot once or twice.

    Is anyone else running across these problems on OS .439? I've done about 6-10 battery pulls since I've upgraded and it hasn't seemed to help. Should I upgrade to the leaked .440? Downgrade to .353? Be patient and wait it out some more? I don't really want to go back to .261, as I was having weird battery issues with it after the outage a couple weeks back.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-26-11 10:42 AM
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    In think the crackberry blogs did cover the spammy servicebooks reappearing, and a way to solve it. If searched, you'll find it. You might need to reload the OS from scratch, then do a selective restore. (reloading involves downloading and installing the latest OS 7 offered by your carrier, then install it, then use Apploader to load it up)

    Edit: You'll need to download your apps once done. Almost forgot to add that in.

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    10-26-11 10:58 AM
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    Thanks, Rootbrian, I'll do a search. When you say download apps again, do you mean from the backup? Or will I have to pay for them again?
    10-26-11 04:44 PM
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    Thanks, Rootbrian, I'll do a search. When you say download apps again, do you mean from the backup? Or will I have to pay for them again?
    If you got them all from Appworld, you won't need to buy them again, you can download them forever.

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    10-26-11 04:57 PM
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    Just to follow up, in case this helps others:

    1. The sound randomly turning off -- This is due to a glitch from my One Touch Flashlight app. Every time I use it, the phone registers it as a media event (b/c it activates the camera, I guess). The .440 OS doesn't recognize when I exit the app, and thinks the media event is still happening, and thus doesn't play any sound alerts. Haven't found a fix yet, other than a soft reboot or battery pull after I use One Touch. Hopefully the app or OS will update to fix this problem soon.

    2. GPS troubles -- seems like clearing the browser cache fixes it. I have to do it every few GPS uses. Annoying, but oh well.

    3. The phone "forgets" which icons I've hidden -- As stated in prior threads, create a folder, throw all the icons you want to hide in there, then hide the folder.

    Also: Loving the extended battery life now, after I've turned off Location Data.
    11-07-11 01:51 PM
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    Have the same bug you explained in 3.

    Also I think, but this is a bug in app world, when im looking for apps and just type in a random word like messaging and not a name of an existing app the phone freezes for a short time. I unfreeze it by simple clicking the esc button a few times, but it its little annoying. Also sometimes app world just closes, saying closed because of a problem.
    Hope the next app world update will solve those little bugs and steps up with its performance!
    11-07-11 04:05 PM
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    Maybe try the official .474 and see if it fixes those.
    11-07-11 04:41 PM
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    And another one. When I create a new folder and I move an app in there the folder appears twice on my screen. It has the same name and apps in it as the one i created. When I delete one of those folder it remains on the screen and only disappears when I do a reboot...
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    11-07-11 04:45 PM
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    I was having the same issue with my alerts and notifications not playing. after reading through this forum I have uninstalled the flashlight app. I never really used it, so hopefully this remedies the problem
    11-14-11 11:48 AM