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    I have had my Blackberry Bold 9900 for just over 1 week now. I am with the UK network carrier Orange.

    I was following a tutorial to fix the problem and using the loader I selected what to install, but my BlackBerry continued to restart during this process and so the first stage of the Loader worked where it "Loaded the files" but when it came to "Initialize" the BlackBerry it would not continue any further.

    If you look at the last screenshot I have been pressing 'Retry' for some time now with no luck.

    All help is appreciated.



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    10-17-11 08:41 AM
  2. johnboul's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem! My phone keeps rebooting!
    10-17-11 08:43 AM
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    I have had this issue at the exact point .. Sometimes unplugging the device and plugging back in and hitting retry works ..
    I have also once had to do a quick battery pull while disconnected, then hit retry. Hopefully the loader picks up where left off.

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    10-17-11 10:37 AM
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    Same problem here. Tried to bring my 9900 back to life for 3 days, with no luck. Send it back to O2 (Germany). They will send me a new one, when it is available again. ATM it is sold out. Mine was made in Hungary.
    10-17-11 10:37 AM
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    Also do not close the desktop manager .. Leave it in this state while you disconnect your phone

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    10-17-11 10:41 AM
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    Have you tried wiping your phone with BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife?
    10-17-11 10:44 AM