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  1. pyeh85's Avatar
    Has anybody downloaded OS 7.1 and tried mobile hotspot with T-Mobile yet?

    Before I buy the phone, I'd like to know if it works or not. Thanks.
    03-09-12 07:08 PM
  2. marcin.warmuz's Avatar
    Yes I have...before they released 7.1 update officially, I was running a leaked version of 7.1 and it worked beautifully. Then as soon as T-Mobile pushed the update out, every time I connected with laptop or iPod and tried to browse internet, I got this message that I do not have Mobile Hotspot feature on my plan and gave me option to buy it for extra $15 a month so I gave up.

    Then, I found info on internet that new and any existing customers with 5GB and 10GB Unlimited data plan qualify to have this feature included at no extra cost. Called T-Mobile today, spent about 20 minutes on the phone and got it activated. Now Mobile Hotspot works again and my bill is the same as before. From what I know this is a limited time offer so you might want to call ASAP. If you have a 2GB plan for $20, they will simply ask you to upgrade to 5GB for $10 more.
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    03-10-12 11:57 PM